Forest Knight: An Overview

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | May 25, 2022
Forest Knight: An Overview

Forest Knight: Gamrey’s Treasure is an adventure RPG game available on Android and PC. This is one of those games where you have to deploy on a grid and fight against increasingly more challenging waves of opponents and potentially face potent enemy lineups in its multiplayer mode.


In this piece, we will go through a quick overview of this up-and-coming P2E title!


What is the game all about?


Forest Knight: Gamrey’s Treasure, otherwise known as Forest Knight, is a turn-based adventure RPG game that operates on Polygon.


Players will find themselves in different settings where they have to create teams of heroes to overcome their opponents. Forest Knight claims to take the best elements of the “Might and Magic” and “Clash Royale” series of games and condense them into one single project. Forest Knight aims to provide “a fun and exciting PVE RPG experience, a PVP competitive and social gameplay modes and activities as well as a decentralized item ecosystem through game items as NFTs and world-building powered with DEFI elements.”


What are the mechanics of the game?


As already mentioned, you deploy your heroes on a grid that could contain different types of enemies. The difficulty is diversified and increases as you go further into the single-player campaign; as a result, you have to be creative with your hero composition and use your abilities in the most optimal way possible. It could be the key to snatching victory from a problematic scenario! Alternatively, you have to fight on a grid against a player composition in the multiplayer arena; thus, you have to make sure that your heroes can synergize well with each other!


The actual dashboard, which is shown in the shape of a town, includes a PVP arena, a button for PVE adventures, a town shop, and a “hero area,” among many other elements.


It should be mentioned that the game is still considered to be in early access, though one could already access features such as the Adventure and Arena portions of the game at the moment.


What does the roadmap look like?


Here are the remaining milestones for Forest Knight:


2nd quarter of 2022: Staking system, NFT merging system, cross-platform gaming


3rd quarter of 2022: Talent system, guild play, land sale


End of 2022: City building system, blockchain-based pet system


From this roadmap, one could see that the game has most of its milestones already in place; this is reflected in the actual game, where players can access most of its features while playing.


How does the game’s tokenomics work?


Forest Knight’s token, called $KNIGHT, is capped at 100 million tokens. Based on the below distribution, it is clear that they have a different way of distributing their economy.


Here’s how it goes:


  • Marketing (5%): Pretty standard. This fund is intended for marketing efforts.
  • Token sale (10%): Used for public and private sales.
  • Team and advisers (15%): These tokens are allocated to founding and non-founding members of Forest Knight with at least two years of vesting. Most team shares are pegged somewhere between 20-25%, with a separate percentage for advisers.
  • Reserve (25%): Just another name for staking rewards.
  • Ecosystem and community (45%): This will be the game’s central fund for research and development and for distributing P2E rewards within the game.


Who has put their weight behind the project?


It’s becoming increasingly clear that promising projects would typically have a constellation of partners and backers. In this case, Forest Knight’s institutional investors include Animoca, Skyvision Capital, Enjin, Chainflow Capital, and Double Peak, among others.


Final Thoughts


If you are a fan of turn-based adventure RPG titles (regardless of the platform), then Forest Knight would be a game worth playing. Of course, one should consider that there are no more NFT sales by the company at the moment; as such, one would have to hunt for them in the open market. The items are available on OpenSea for affordable prices (thus virtually eliminating the chance that it is a rugpull project, as the NFTs are already publicly available on the platform)- so if you’re willing to dive into the game and make an investment, then you might as well try out this project!


We at P2E News hope that the game comes out in the best way possible for its full release!


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