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Axie Infinity Announced Cabanatuan Community Event in the Philippines

Axie Infinity Cabanatuan City Community Meetup

With the big success of the recent AxieCon which happened last September 7 until September 10 at Barcelona, Spain, the Axie Infinity team was flooded with multiple requests from known guilds, professional players, content creators, and players specially from the Philippines to create a big community event like AxieCon in the said country.

Everyone knows that the country of Philippines has a special place in the heart of the Axie Infinity team and its community so this kind of request will not be an issue. Recently, multiple known personalities in the community released hints on the possibility and some leaks about the said event.

The leaks shown below are from Nixtape, the Philippines Lead for Axie Infinity and part of the Sky Mavis team, Kookoo, a very well-known web 3 community builder and content creator specially in Axie Infinity, and Spraky.eth, the YGG Pilipinas Guild Relations Manager and AxU Co-Founder.

First Hint

The first hint was dropped by Nixtape, the Philippines Lead for Axie Infinity and part of the Sky Mavis team. The hint was posted by Nixtape through a tweet that features a video of him and his team doing an ocular visit for the possible venue of an upcoming local event in the Philippines.

The tweet with the video was posted last September 20, 2022 (PHT) and can be found on Nixtape‘s official Twitter account.

Second Hint

The second hint shows a lot about the upcoming event. The second hint was posted again by Nixtape through Twitter last September 21, 2022 (PHT). It shows a cropped image of the possible announcement banner and logo for the upcoming community event in the Philippines.

The image also suggests that the community event will be held in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. The image could very well be the lower left quarter of the whole image that shows “Axie Infinity Cabanatuan Community Event“.

Third Hint

The third hint was dropped by Kookoo, a very well-known web 3 community builder and content creator specially in Axie Infinity. The tweet posted by Kookoo was informative and it looks as if it is not a leak but an official update.

Kookoo posted an image of SM Mega Center which could very well be the official venue of the community event in Cabanatuan City. This could be confirmed because SM Mega Center is located at Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Kookoo’s tweet also says the following progress about the making of the community event:

  • Venue Secured
  • Flights Booked
  • Partners and Sponsors Growing
  • Prize Pool Getting Higher
  • Collaborations On-going

This confirms that the community event is very much anticipated and well on its way from happening. The venue is also secured and flights are being booked. He also mentioned that a particular prize pool is growing which could mean that there will be a huge tournament happening during the said event.

What Could This Mean?

With the three hints already dropped by known members of the community, it is very likely that the community event will happen at this point. Multiple members of the community have already figured out that the said event will happen in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. We can see the image of the welcoming arc upon entering Cabanatuan City in Nueva Ecija, Philippines in the tweet by Spraky.eth of YGG, the YGG Pilipinas Guild Relations Manager and AxU Co-Founder.

The Axie Infinity team surely works fast because exactly during the time of writing this article, the official announcement of Axie Infinity for the community event has been dropped in Twitter! You may check the official announcement here.

Just like the recently concluded AxieCon in Barcelona, Spain, this event will surely pull the community members closer together as the project leads the space again and this time in terms of physical community gatherings.

We hope to see you in Cabanatuan!

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