Crazy Defense Heroes | Gameplay Review

By: P2E News | January 18, 2022
Crazy Defense Heroes | Gameplay Review

For those of us who have missed our previous piece on Crazy Defense Heroes, we given a general preview of the game itself as well as its NFT and play-to-earn aspects. Now let’s take it one step further and dive into Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH) gameplay!

Crazy Defense Heroes is a heroic tower defense game by Animoca Games who has been certified and audited by no less than CertiK. Found on both Google Play and the App Store, the game is easily playable from a variety of mobile devices and contains mechanics that are generally well-liked by its players.

Crazy Defense Heroes Gameplay

Crazy Defense Heroes NFT Gameplay
Crazy Defense Heroes Gameplay. Source: Mobi, Youtube.

Then, you begin with a zone (represented by an island in the game) that also serves as the game’s in-game tutorial section. After finishing the tutorial, you progress to the next island with three distinct zones with different unlock requirements.

Once you reach certain levels, you unlock raids and maps with different difficulty levels. Passing through them with flying colors will allow you to gain chests that contain much-needed upgrading materials as well as rare chests!

Defeat Your Enemies

crazy defense

Players get to face different types of opponents such as skeletons, orcs, and bird creatures. Both heroes and towers face many challenges, ranging from speedy rushers to tanky overseers, as well as magic users that can disable towers and ranged fighters that can decapitate heroes. As such, you have to adjust your lineup depending on the situation. 

Each tower has a different function within the game. Some have strong single-target damage, whilst others spread their damage across a wide area of effect (AOE). Still, there are those with special attributes (stuns, slows, mana steals, poison) and there are heroes who are resistant against debuffs! Heroes are more or less the same with towers, except they are moving and can actually die within each map.

crazy defense heroes character
Source: eGamers Blockchain Games, Youtube

Going on to your avatar, it is your primary hero in the game and comes with you on every single level. An avatar with excellent stats and equipment would be able to help make your life easier on the battlefield.

Finally, spells are helpful when in a pinch. You can stun mobs, poison your enemies, slow them down to a crawl and even call apocalypse from above! Be careful though, as you can only use them a limited number of times.

Level Up! 

Crazy Defense Heroes NFT Gameplay
Source: eGamers Blockchain Games, Youtube

You gain heroes, towers, and spells of varying rarity and strength throughout the game. You can level them up with gold and materials (these differ between each card). Level them up to the best of your ability as they will be helpful when you take them out to missions: They will give you more gold, materials, consumables, and even chests to help you become stronger in the game!

Play-to-Earn & NFT Features

As for the game’s play-to-earn component, it’s generally dependent on monthly experience events that have varying experience targets. For the month of December, one had to earn 315,000 XP, which is roughly equivalent to having Level 22 in the game. To be able to enjoy the fruits of the game’s play-to-earn ecosystem, you have to link your Google account and your MetaMask wallet to your in-game account.

If you play casually every day (finishing one’s energy allotment and using up the 45 energy points that a player can gain from watching ads), getting 315,000 XP is pretty much doable as long as you have a decent internet connection and mobile device.

Once you succeed in getting the required experience points, you would be able to have a part of the 1,200,000 TOWER token pool for the month (divided among all players who reached this milestone during December).

Source: Mobi, Youtube.

Will The Prize Pool Expand? 

Given the rapid expansion of the game, it is expected that Animoca will expand the pool and increase the required experience points to allow the most dedicated players (and those who invested significant financial resources in NFTs) to enjoy the fruits of their labor more substantially. Certain in-game events allow players to gain more TOWER tokens as well. 

Animoca wants TOWER to become the main multi-purpose token of the Crazy Kings franchise. Players will be able to trade them on cryptocurrency exchanges and sell them off for profits. In addition, they can also NFTs, stake for passive income, join premium tournaments and in-game events. And even create game proposals and vote on them! Thus turning players into active stakeholders of the Crazy Kings franchise!

So, what are your thoughts? 

You have a lot of elements to consider in the game. From the strength of your towers to how you position them on the map. To then leveling up your heroes and finding ways to maximize your avatar and time. CDH is a game that is both casual and challenging at the same time.

Do you plan to give the game a try? What do you think of the project’s gameplay?




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