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DevCon 2023 Checks Interest for the Next Hosting Destination


DevCon (DEVelopers CONference), the biggest event organized by ETH Foundation, has kickstarted the interest check for the next hosting country for 2023. After Bogota becomes the destination for 2022, which place will hold the honor to be the gathering of the projects and crypto lovers worldwide? 

What is DevCon? 

Devcon is the Ethereum conference for developers, researchers, thinkers, and makers. With the aim to gather the most advanced projects, developers, and crypto-savvy communities worldwide to exchange information and ideas to improve the ETH ecosystem as a whole, DevCon has been successfully organized throughout Berlin, Osaka, and many other crypto hotspots globally. Moreover, this event allows an intensive introduction for new Ethereum explorers and acts as a global family reunion for those already a part of the ecosystem, and a source of energy and creativity for all.

DevCon in history 

Every year, DevCon’s location would be suggested and voted entirely by the community as the best place of gathering. The chosen host would be the place of many inventions in blockchain with suitable geographic traits to provide the best experience for the guests. 

Devcon I 

After ETH’s first starting milestone in 2014, DevCon I was hosted a year later in London, England. Acting as the first party of the early birds, Devcon I’s topic surrounded the roadmap of Ethereum with initial dApps and breakthrough inventions. 

Devcon II

Devcon II was hosted in September 2016 in Shanghai, China, marking one of the most significant events in organizing history as the network was attacked a few hours before the launch date. Fortunately, the event was flocked with talents in development and cybersecurity that joined hands to prevent the breach and protect the network successfully. The highlight of that event was the moment the founding team shared the roadmap for ETH in the future shortly after the attack was handled. 

Devcon III

2017 is the year marking the first bull run in the crypto industry. Following that, Devcon III hosted in Cancun, Mexico achieved an impressive number of participants of over 2,000 people, becoming the biggest event from the ETH foundation so far. Thanks to the first success of mass adoption and the fact that ETH has been accepted in multiple applications, this is also a triumphant year for the Ethereum team. 

Devcon III event

Devcon IV

Next year, Devcon IV achieved another all-time high in terms of participants with over 3,000 people in Prague, Czech Republic. This time, the roadmap of Ethereum 2.0 was brought to the table, along with the discussion of the next step to nurture the ecosystem. 

Devcon V

2019 is the last Devcon event hosted before the pandemic. Organized in Osaka, Japan, Devcon V achieved the peak of participants and witnessed the birth of many foundation projects that will be the pillars of the future of the ecosystem. 

Devcon VI

Devcon Bogota Event, October 11-14

Due to Covid19, Devcon has been postponed until 2022. After 3 years of separation, once again the ETH community has the chance to gather again in a family union to catch up on the progress and result of development. More importantly, Ethereum just announced The Merge – one of the most important milestones for the ETH ecosystem. Definitely, the next step would be widely discussed at the event. Stay tuned and visit Bogota, Columbia for more details of this exciting event. 

DevCon VII Contenders’ Highlights

The team had the chance to travel through 6 countries and 3 continents after each DevCon. For 2023, the interest check has been opened with several strong candidates. The criteria to choose the host are based on how mature the community is based on mass adoption, legal perspective, and the readiness of facilities. To make sure that all participants earn their opportunities for exposure and other benefits as well as preserve the decentralization, a serious vote has been conducted a year earlier before the actual date. 

Vietnam is currently the top 1 in the vote, followed up closely by Turkey. With the blooming of NFT gaming, SocialFi, and major blockchain breakthroughs, Devcon should be hosted in South East Asia. Among that, Vietnam is the heart of the region known for its rich culture, fresh cuisine, amazing beaches, pristine landscapes, and bustling cities; attracting countless visitors from all over the world. It is also the home of many prestigious projects in blockchain and cryptocurrency namely Tomochain, Kyber Network, Kyros, and Coin98 Wallet. The government itself has also welcomed the development of blockchain technology, naming blockchain as one of the priority technologies in its “4th industrial revolution”; while an estimated 41% of Vietnamese residents own cryptocurrency.

As a popular coastal city, Nha Trang – the city elected by Vietnam as the hosting place – is the center of politics, economy, culture, science, technology, and tourism in Khanh Hoa province. With the hearty support from VinGroup, its resort called Vinpearl Nha Trang would be a welcoming accommodation for visitors. There are 5 luxury resorts on the island with a capacity of 1,362 hotel rooms and 735 beach villas, the 50-hectare VinWonders theme park – the most modern in the region, and an 18-hole golf course designed by IMG Worldwide. 

Click here to take a look at the proposal from Vietnam and leave your thoughts.

Who would you vote for? 

Vietnam has fully geared up for DevCon 2023. With the important position of the regional development center for blockchain and blockchain companies, this place possesses significant talents and projects for future partnership; hence the benefits to host the next event here are enormous. As a blockchain lover, what do you think? Are you ready to spend your week under the sunlight and the emerald water of Nha Trang and discuss the next step of the future? 

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