Eagle Arena: Breed, Hunt, and Battle Eagles in the Metaverse!

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | June 21, 2022
Eagle Arena: Breed, Hunt, and Battle Eagles in the Metaverse!

One might say that P2E is already down for the count due to the numerous happenings around its periphery, including the persistence of a bear market. However, it also carries a silver lining. Since the prices for tokens are low, it’s also a great time to enter newly found gems and get into the P2E action!


Enter Eagle Arena, a play-to-earn game that aims to be a community-curated competitive title from the get-go. 


What is Eagle Arena?


Eagle Arena is a game where players can collect virtual eagles for breeding, raising, hunting, and fighting! The game is intended to be a skill-based P2E title from the beginning, with players having to use strategy, metagaming, and mind games to counter the enemy’s moves and reach the top of the Eagle Arena metaverse.


The game’s main creatures, called Eagles (after their real-life counterpart), will be used by players to leave their mark on the game.


There are nine types of Eagles with different classes, all of them including various amounts of the five-element archetypes: Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Players can use each one of these elements to attack, and one element would be sure to counter the other.


As mentioned, Eagle Arena will have PVP elements that would suit players of different types and personalities.


How will the Eagle Arena community work?


All of the game’s data regarding its Eagles could be easily accessed by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to build their own mini-games inside the Eagle Arena using its API. The difference between Eagle Arena and other blockchain or web, as well as other P2E games in the market, is that the community will be the ones to decide the future of the game.


Eagle Arena players will be asked to vote and be constantly involved in the decision-making process.


How can I keep grinding for the necessary resources within the game?


The community can gain more resources by taking actions such as:


  • Competing in battles with other players to be victorious and reach higher rankings and win $FLY (Fly Potion): In short, be active in PVP.
  • Breeding to produce new Eagles: Well, welcome to breeders and traders. No surprise here.
  • Collecting and trading regular and immortal Eagles: This should cover the P2E section of the game.


The Roadmap


Based on the game’s roadmap, it’s clear that Eagle Arena has a relatively flexible development plan. Also, it’s interesting to note that the game’s developers aim to be a mobile-based project first.


Here are some of the significant development milestones that could be found on the official whitepaper:


Since many P2E games out there have suffered from a lack of burning mechanisms that are designed to moderate the in-game economy, the developers of Eagle Arena have decided to put economic sustainability as part of their development plan from the very beginning. Here are the planned burning features for this P2E project:


  • Breeding: Players will pair two (2) Eagles in order to create a new NFT: This process will burn a certain amount of $EGLA and $FLY; as such, it is a surefire method to moderate the in-game economy.
  • Retiring Eagles: Everything in the universe has a lifespan – this means that nothing stays forever. Once an Eagle is retired, they will never be usable for battle again. These eagles will turn into collectable stones that could be used to increase the power of another eagle: This is going to be an interesting in-game burning mechanism.
  • Nest: As part of the breeding process, eggs need to have a nest to hatch, and to create a nest the players are required to spend and burn $FLY, and a nest can only be used for 10 eggs: By limiting the utility of the Nest, scarcity is induced.
  • Tournament Entry Fees: A certain amount of $FLY is required to enter a tournament. A portion of the entry fees will be used for the prize pool: This one is slowly becoming the standard in P2E games.
  • Armory: Players have to craft and equip armor to increase the defensive attributes of their eagles. To craft these items, they will have to spend a certain amount of $FLY: This ensures that a certain amount of tokens would circulate in the economy and prevent oversupply.

With these multiple burning mechanisms, the developers hope to ensure the survival, sustainability, and longevity of Eagle Arena.


It’s pretty clear that Eagle Arena is in its first development stages. We here at P2E News look forward to celebrating the game’s milestones in the foreseeable future!




It’s nothing out of the usual, but in case you still want to know, here’s the allocation:


  • Play & Earn (i.e. player rewards): 24%
  • Ecosystem Fund & Marketing: 9%
  • Team: 21%
  • Staking Rewards: 26%
  • Private Sale: 10%
  • Public Sale: 10%


The allocation is pretty simple and lean, meaning prospective end-users should not have any difficulties tracking the in-game economy once Eagle Arena comes full force.


Who’s behind Eagle Arena?


Eagle Arena is headed by a large multinational team, with almost 30 people currently working on the project and covering different aspects of the Eagle Arena universe.


There are no investors listed on the official website at the time of writing, though it’s definitely subject to change!


Final Thoughts


If you are a fan of breeding mechanics in games (or are interested in eagles in real life), this game is absolutely for you!


What do you think of Eagle Arena? Do you think it will rise to the sky in 2022?


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