Forest Knight: Initial Impressions

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | May 29, 2022
Forest Knight: Initial Impressions

Forest Knight is one of those projects that are easy to access via Android. As a result, we deemed it proper to dive into the game and see how it goes!


Let’s go first with the best thing about the game: You don’t need to invest a single cent to play the game at the moment. All you need is time, effort, and patience; after all, let’s not forget that the project is still in its nascent stages.


In order to have an account for this game, you have to connect your Google Play or provide a valid email. Once you’re logged in, you are greeted with a story board that tells about some of the game’s lore. This is immediately followed by a lengthy tutorial about the mechanics of the game; you’ll know basic things such as movement, combat, and special abilities in this phase of the game.


Players have to deal with obstacles and special stage effects in the game if they want to be able to secure that sweet win. Heroes have unique characteristics that could be exploited by the player through team synergies or through the stacking of special skill effects.


It is interesting to note that one of the things that players could see once they win a level in Adventure is that there’s a space where NFTs are shown. This opens up the opportunity for the distribution of the said digital assets in the foreseeable future.


If one compares it to other adventure games both in and out of the blockchain, one easily realizes the “raw” feeling of Forest Knight at the moment. Still, the basic mechanic flow (select>movement>attack+skills>end turn) is something that is already intuitive for many players out there.


Personally, there are a lot of things that the developers of Forest Knight could improve within the game. The in-game design could have been better; considering that there are a lot of similar games out there with arguably better art and aesthetics (for a game that claims to have done its previous studies), it’s hard to imagine players getting attracted by Forest Knight’s current state.


In addition, the tutorial doesn’t exactly explain the interactions between the different hero abilities out there. It’s going to be a long and brutal grind for the typical player out there – and a very steep learning curve to overcome. However, this could be overcome by the presence of engaging rewards that both incentivize the player for their patience and their in-game skill. If the presence of Arena is any indication, then we should see players grinding it out in a competitive manner within the next few days and weeks as they figure out the best “meta” lineups for topping the leaderboards.


With that being said, Forest Knight’s mechanics still offer a lot of potential for future growth; a lot of things could still change as the project is still in its alpha version at the moment. Also, one of the most promising things about the project is the fact that there’s already a dedicated fan base who pushes out in-game content across multiple channels; it was easy to compare the state of the game in the past with the current build that is being used today.


Most importantly, a dedicated audience would serve as the core from which Forest Knight would base its further expansion. It’s also a proof of concept which demonstrates that there’s an appetite for this type of genre in the current state of the P2E gaming space as well).


We here at P2E News hope that the project takes off in the best form possible once its full version comes out later this year; after all, a win for this game is a win for the P2E space in general…and a loss for this project (or any proper project for that matter) is a huge blow to the P2E gaming space.

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