Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict: First Impressions

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | May 25, 2022
Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict: First Impressions

Given the fact that it has started to make a strong appearance on Android, iOS, and PC, Gunship Battle Crypto Conflict by Joycity (GBCC) was something that we at P2E News wanted to test out.


This piece would talk about our first impressions on the game, as well as whether you should include it in your P2E playlist or not. We also included information on how to get the token, as well as the nitty-gritty details that players need to know in order to make the most out of this game!


What is GBCC all about?


To put it in a very simple way, GBCC is a real-time mobile strategy game that focuses on gathering strength to conquer cities, islands, and other points of interest within a limited world. While a player can become strong and respected alone, one has to join a clan in order to advance further into the game and get access to a ton of perks and abilities that would immensely improve one’s army going forward.


It’s a world of endless PVE and PVP strategic battles, so you might want to really think twice before investing your time and effort into this game.


General impressions


The game is easy to learn, yet extremely hard to master – there’s just a lot of elements that you have to take into account when building up your forces, bases, and equipment. Personally, I knew that I would have a hard time if I didn’t have any background playing the genre before; luckily, the game has a lengthy tutorial session to ensure that players would be able to get the basics of the game.


Within 24 hours of installing the game, I was able to get onboard a clan based in the Philippines (which was apparently composed of veterans from the original non-blockchain IP). This meant that I had mentors who were both active and knowledgeable within the game!


One sign that they were a serious team was the fact that all members were required to join the clan’s official Discord. To add to this commitment, many of the players in the clan are quick when it comes to assisting in all sorts of upgrades as well as improving the overall level of the alliance itself; what more could a relative newbie like me could ask for?


By the end of the 24-hour period, I was already on the way to having a level 9 HQ, which is roughly a third of the way towards being able to mint Titanium into MILICO tokens. That’s a lot of ground gained, I guess!


Since I was already onboard an active and competent alliance, I figured that I would play GBCC with them as long as I have time to do so.


As for the game itself, it was your typical real-time mobile strategy game, with all the drama, rivalry, and banter that it entails. There’s nothing new or “revolutionary” (ahem, ahem, Axie, Pegaxy, and CDH) about the game, but the project is solid and generally well-designed even when thousands of players are playing within the same server at the same time.


No roadmap


The game does not have a roadmap, given that all of its assets were already directly ported from its non-blockchain IP of the similar name. As such, the game is already playable with all its bells and whistles right at this very moment!


GBCC has only one promise to its players – to allow them to play a properly-made game while having a market to get rewards for their efforts in playing within their own version of the metaverse, universe, or whatever they may want to call it.


Things to note


The first thing that players should know about the game is that there’s no nominal fee to start the game. Everyone starts on equal footing; the only difference lies in the willingness of players to pay for extra equipment and materials needed to get that extra edge in the game!


This means that GBCC is a play-to-earn, pay-to-win, and pay-to-earn game all at the same time: If you have the better equipment, you would be able to dominate the events and places where you could get Titanium.


Titanium: Both an in-game utility and a base for a cryptocurrency token


Titanium is the game’s hard currency. You won’t be able to upgrade your army without it. You won’t be strong without Titanium, and you have to get the mineral in order to be seen as a strong player.


Here are the specific usages of Titanium in the game:


  • Upgrades for jets, ships, and aircraft carriers (i.e. mobile bases)
  • Upgrades for buildings
  • Upgrades for player equipment
  • Advanced research and development for unlocking higher-tier tech in the game


MILICO, in turn, is the game’s market token that is based on WEMIX.


According to the game’s website, a player has to get at least 100,000 Titanium and a Trade Warehouse to be able to smelt (i.e. mint) 1 MILICO.


In addition, a player should pay up to 25% tax for each MILICO token minted. Each player can only mint up to 100 MILICO per day, and there’s only a limited mintable supply of 1.5 million MILICO daily, which means that if every player tried to mint MILICO, there’s only space for 15,000 players to mint it.


Another note is that Titanium is obtainable not just from mining and winning battles/community events, but also through finishing single-player missions and buying them through the daily player shop.


Obviously, if someone buys MILICO from the market to use it within the game, one can get 10,000 Titanium out of it. This means that both the original gas fee used to create the token plus 90% of its original value is burned in the process, thus ensuring that the market won’t be flooded with MLICO tokens.


Finally, the MILICO quota is reset at 6:00 am UTC (1 pm UTC+8) daily.


Verdict on the game


If you are a fan of live mobile strategy games and want to dip your toes into the P2E gaming space, then GBCC would be a very good fit for you. Just be warned though: If you came just to earn MILICO – then you’ll have to do a lot of grinding, equip yourself with lots of patience, and make sure you find a good clan!


What do you think? Do you plan to install GBCC in the foreseeable future?

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