Gunship Battles: Crypto Conflict – Free-to-Play Strategies to Use (Part 2 of 2)

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | May 31, 2022
Gunship Battles: Crypto Conflict – Free-to-Play Strategies to Use (Part 2 of 2)

Gunship Battles: Crypto Conflict (GBCC) is one of the latest up-and-coming P2E games out there; as a result, we have produced a series of guides regarding basic strategies and tips to make your life easier inside the game.


Since it features a lot of familiar mechanics and the existence of an existing player base, it’s no wonder that multitudes of users worldwide have flocked to take part in the P2E action!


The game is also available on iOS and PC. Due to its accessibility (and genre), it’s also no surprise that the game is already played in over 1000 servers worldwide at the time of writing.


Here is the second part of a series of comprehensive guides on how to approach the game from a free-to-play (F2P) perspective.


Always have lots of missiles


There are two types of missiles in the game: anti-air and anti-tank missiles.


Just build lots of them, especially the higher-level ones, whenever your time and resources permit you to do so. These would be one of your primary sources of defensive power when an enemy attacks your base.


Make sure that you have a balanced mixture of both anti-air and anti-tank missiles, as your enemies are going to bring both types to a potential fight against your base.


Play with your allies and be active in the game


While you could be the strongest player in the game, you can only do so much against an army that has access to buffs, poerks, and other abilities. GBCC is a game of alliances and blocs for a reason: Your allies could help you not just in your battles, but also in your upgrades, quests, and the like.


Being active also increases your access to the latest metagame strategies in the game (that could give you an edge), as well as to timely information regarding different resources and alliance events that could help you become a more powerful and competent admiral.


Most importantly, playing actively allows you to get the items that you need to advance further into the game, along with getting massive rewards from completing in-game quests!


Watch the ads for free gold and enhanced login rewards


The login rewards in GBCC could be massive – and since the game offers an option to double your rewards via watching a short ad video, you should definitely get i


In addition, getting several packs of 100 gold in exchange for watching short ads in a day is no joke. The cooldown is immediately reset the next day, and you can get more packs of gold every single day!  You can’t get this kind of deal elsewhere!


Indeed, being active in the game is its own reward.


Get free resources – they’re all around you


Resource islands for food, iron, oil, silver, and even titanium are available in the game. They appear periodically at random locations throughout the map.


When you take a titanium island, make sure to tell your alliance friends to come with you (so that you could securely get as much titanium as possible: Each small titanium island can fit up to three players from the same alliance; take note that you can’t share these small resource spots with players from “allied” alliances.


Take note that the larger titanium islands that are found around huge cities usually have up to a capacity of 25 people (and have a lot of resources). With that being said, they also happen to be among the sports with the heaviest fighting, so good luck in getting these particular spots.


As for the other resources, you have to take them for your daily mission questlines, so you might just as well devote time and resources towards getting them.


In short: When you see a valuable resource, take it and seize as much as you can!


Take advantage of the Battle Pass and $1 deals


While GBCC is a spender’s game, there are many players who might balk at the thought of having to spend money in a real-time mobile strategy game. Why should a player spend money in a game that’s supposed to be play-to-earn, right?


The truth is that for many of the game’s players, “play-to-earn” is just a side bonus to the enjoyment that they derive from the complex (and let’s face it, convoluted) gameplay of GBCC. There are players who wouldn’t hesitate to spend thousands of dollars in a single buying spree; as such, they do


Still, there are sweet deals for players out there: If you get to see any offer that contains 500 gold and above, then go for it! It’s yours for the taking!


If you have some money to spare, you can also go for the Battle Pass and get the numerous premium rewards that will help you build up your force along the way.


Get Memory Chips


Once you get access to the Intelligence Agency at level 13, you would find certain permanent active buffs that could be activated using Memory Chips. These are collected from NPCs, which means that the more you kill them, the more Memory Chips you could get.


These abilities have game-changing effects, ranging from reducing construction time for a particular building to producing huge amounts of resources, as well as increasing global sailing speed and even giving different buffs to planes and tanks. Just a quick reminder: These things have a long cooldown, so be careful when you use these abilities.


In summary


GBCC could be a complicated game, but with the correct information and strategies, one could still thrive and become an active part of the game’s ecosystem.


We here at P2E News hope that you find this series of guides useful. Good luck on your journey, Admiral!


DISCLAIMER: None of the pieces on the website constitute financial advice: P2E News is intended to be a P2E gaming news and updates portal, discussion hub and content/opinion/review aggregator. Please do your own research before investing in any NFT/P2E game out there. Better yet, consult someone within the profession to form an informed stance on your possible investments.

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