How to Cash Out MILICO: A Comprehensive Guide

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | May 25, 2022
How to Cash Out MILICO: A Comprehensive Guide

Given the increasing popularity of Joycity’s P2E title Gunship Battles: Crypto Conflict (GBCC), one might be curious how the thousands of players who are part of the game’s P2E ecosystem cash out their hard-earned tokens from the game.


In this quick guide, we are going to present all the steps that players need to follow to enjoy the fruits of their career in GBCC’s admiralty!


A Short Recap


Gunship Battles: Crypto Conflict (GBCC) is a mobile strategy game that involves thousands of players fighting against each other across alliances and servers.


In GBCC, players gather a premium hard resource called Titanium that is used for upgrading buildings, ships, planes, equipment, aircraft carriers, and advanced research options. As an incentive, players could convert Titanium into MILICO, which serves as GBCC’s market coin.


MILICO, in turn, is a part of a number of utility coins that are found inside the WEMIX ecosystem. As a result, it’s pretty much integrated into the larger P2E ecosystem; players could easily cash out their earnings through the usage of the WEMIX wallet and the Binance mobile application.


In summary, you could earn Titanium from the following:


  • Main mission lines (the amounts vary, though they’re pretty generous)
  • Daily mission quests (you could get up to 20,000 Titanium in this way)
  • Titanium Island Collection (you could get a minimum of 20,000 Titanium over a 10-hour mining period at level 18)
  • Game Events (these provide great bonuses for all sorts of players)
  • Alliance Conquests (pretty basic: winner takes more than the loser)
  • Server Battles (you could get huge dividends, depending on your personal contribution as well as that of your alliance)


There’s simply a lot of ways to earn Titanium in GBCC. However, as already mentioned above, Titanium is one of the game’s primary resources – and in contrast to the rest of the game’s resources (food, iron, oil, and silver), you might have to fight your way to be able to get access to this coveted resource!


The Guide


Before you convert your hard-earned Titanium into MILICO, you need to have Binance and WEMIX installed on your device.


  1. Go to the “Trade Warehouse” inside your base.
  2. Click on the “MILICO Facility”. It should lead you to an exchange dashboard.
  3. Select the amount of Titanium that you want to convert into MILICO.
    1. Take note that you have to possess a minimum of 100,000 Titanium inside your inventory before you can even convert it to MILICO.
    2. The amount that you can convert depends on the level of your Trade Warehouse. At level 18, you can only mint 2 MILICO per day; the quota goes higher as you level up within the game.
    3. Also, depending on the level of your Trade Warehouse, you may have to pay up to 25% tax on top of the conversion rate. The higher the level, the lesser the tax that you need to pay.
    4. The conversion prices are dynamic: They change periodically.
  4. Check for the confirmation of the MILICO minting process on your in-game email and your WEMIX wallet.
  5. Convert your MILICO to WEMIX Credits inside your WEMIX wallet.
  6. Convert your WEMIX Credits to WEMIX.
  7. Convert your WEMIX to KLAY, which is a currency that could be transferred to Binance.
  8. Inside the Binance app, convert your KLAY to BNB (or any other suitable currency that is available).
  9. Transfer the funds from your Fiat and Spot wallet to Fundings.
  10. Go to P2E Trading and find the seller that suits you. If you are in the Philippines, a popular option would be GCASH (a digital wallet provider that allows transfers to most major banks in the country).
  11. You have just cashed out your GBCC earnings! Congratulations!


Quick Thoughts


While the steps may seem to be a lot (and might cause you to lose a tiny bit of value along the way), the process is actually pretty much straightforward. As a matter of fact, the only things you have to wait for are the usual prompts on WEMIX as well as the deposit of your KLAY tokens into your Binance wallet.


Other than that, everything should be smooth sailing!


Now that you know how to get your P2E tokens and turn them into cash, are you interested in trying out GBCC in the foreseeable future?

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