Memoverse: What’s The Buzz All About?

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | June 3, 2022
Memoverse: What’s The Buzz All About?

Memoverse is turning out to be one of the most-searched projects in the blockchain gaming space over the past few days. As such, many people have started to become curious about the bare essentials of the said project.


In this article, we’re going to give an overview of the project’s essence and features, as well as its roadmap, partners, and tokenomics!


Memoverse’s Essence


To put it in simple terms, Memoverse is a P2E game that focuses on harnessing builder and game mechanics to allow its players to retain important information.


According to the game’s developers, they aim to introduce the project “as a fun and high yield P2E idle-builder and strategy open world game which has an additional real-world value to its virtual environments” whose core features involve P2E campaigns, player-versus-player engagements, and cooperative interactions where players develop their land plots and NFT palaces together within an ever-expanding metaverse.


The initial build (Founder’s Dimension) of the project would include the following NFTs:


  • Land in 4 sizes (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large)
  • Palaces in 4 sizes and configurations
  • 12+ themed variations of Rooms in 4 sizes
  • 2400+ unique Loci of various quantities, sizes, types, levels of complexity and rarity (a Loci is a mnemonic term for an object that serves as a single storage space unit (i.e. folder) to encode, store and retrieve a set of specific information)


The quality and size of these NFTs would play a key role in determining the yield that a player could get within the game.


Salient Features


Players can do the following within the game:


  • Accumulate tokens through the Loci that they have collected
  • NFT assembly: Players can make new NFTs from existing parts
  • Mining: Players can earn more tokens through upgrading Palaces, Rooms, and Loci
  • Memory Tournaments: Players would try to relocate all the locations of the Loci in a randomly selected Memory Palace. The benefits are two-fold: The one who recreates the given Memory Palace within the shortest period of time wins and takes the prize pool, while the owners of listed Memory Palaces used in a competition also get a $MEMO reward
  • Completing memory tasks to gain rewards: A classic mode found in most memory games.
  • Completing P2E challenges and memory levels: This is the main single-player element of the Memoverse metaverse.
  • Open-world battles where players try to steal resources: This is going to be interesting, as it adds a level of complexity and interaction within the game that is not seen in most P2E gaming projects.


One can immediately notice that the project’s salient features are designed to keep players online as much as possible…and are designed to create a lot of direct interactions between the players within the game.




Here are the major highlights of the roadmap:


  • Token listing and NFT sales: Feb-Mar 2022
  • PR and marketing drive: March 2022
  • Alpha build and community rewards: April 2022
  • Beta build: June 2022
  • Intensified PR and marketing drive: July 2022
  • Main launch of the final build: 3rd quarter of 2022


To put it shortly, Memoverse has a very rapid pace of projected development even with 16 core members on board.




While Memoverse is yet to announce its full roster of partners, they include household names like memoryOS, DAO Maker, and MM Ventures. Since the initial sale hasn’t happened yet, it’s understandable for projects like Memoverse not to have a lot of investors at this stage.




The token, named MEMO, is going to be deployed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It’s going to have a token supply of 2 billion, with the following allocation:


  • 5%: Advisors and Partners
  • 7%: Platform Development
  • 8%: Treasury
  • 9%: Marketing
  • 11%: Team
  • 13%: Sales
  • 14%: Liquidity
  • 33%: Community Rewards


The sales allocation is further divided into three parts: a 3% allocation for the seed round, a 9% allocation for the private round, and a 1% allocation for the public round. Memoverse aims to raise $3,480,000 from the sale, thus allowing the developers to develop the project further (and have more funds for marketing, salaries, R&D, and the like).


Final Thoughts


The features and premise of Memoverse seem to be very interesting…and given that it is one of the most searched P2E gaming projects today, Memoverse has begun to attract the attention of people who follow the P2E gaming space.


We here at P2E News hope that Memoverse is actually able to execute its project well – after all, having more games in the P2E gaming space makes for a more vibrant and brighter ecosystem overall!


DISCLAIMER: None of the pieces on the website constitute financial advice: P2E News is intended to be a P2E gaming news and updates portal, discussion hub and content/opinion/review aggregator. Please do your own research before investing in any NFT/P2E game out there. Better yet, consult someone within the profession to form an informed stance on your possible investments.

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