P2E Sentiments: Content-Based Marketing Pushes for P2E Games

By: Earl Carlo Guevarra | May 28, 2022
P2E Sentiments: Content-Based Marketing Pushes for P2E Games

If you are a player or a retail investor in the P2E gaming space, you might have gotten tired of never getting a chance to win through the RNG-based airdrops and giveaways. Going on to the side of the developers, they might also be exhausted from the endless “airdrop” noise that does not even produce a stable and loyal community in return.


As a result of these realities on the ground, more and more developers have started to opt for content-based contests. To put simply, developers give out rewards (or bounties) to players and creators who are able to produce relevant and unique content for the project, whether it is through a contest or some other format.


What are some of the best examples of this type of push?


Some examples are Topebox’s MyDefiPet Ambassador Search Program (which attracted a lot of attention on Facebook), Farsite’s Free-to-Play Content Bounty Program (which is still ongoing), and most recently, the Instagram “Share-to-Earn” event by Animoca’s Crazy Defense Heroes, where they attracted diverse types of Instagram content from all over the world! In addition, dozens of other P2E developers and publishers have also started to embrace the concept, seeing that it brought a lot of organic engagement and diverse content that is related to their project.


What is the advantage of doing this type of contest for a P2E gaming project?


There’s a lot of advantages in doing content-based contests when marketing P2E titles out there. To sum up:


  • Activating multiple portions of the community, ensuring that they’re not just passive players and/or investors in the project
  • Introducing the game to a larger part of the community (and to the social circles of the participants) through the mere existence of project-related content
  • Infusing the social media landscape with a diverse set of content that produces more buzz and mentions for the project overall
  • Creating more opportunities for collaboration and outreach between the developers and the community at large
  • Providing a fair, if subjective, avenue for budding and small-scale/casual creators to display their craft in exchange for good prizes (while hundreds of dollars may be a small thing to the organizers, it’s already considered to be a good haul for the participant in question)
  • Enabling a human touch to the marketing strategy (in which that the results of the contest are not decided by an AI randomizer)


What’s the catch behind this type of strategy?


The disadvantage of this type of P2E marketing strategy is that it isn’t easy to set up; one has to allot time and resources to check whether the entry is valid, as well as to judge for the best content without being blindsided in the process (i.e. popular, less-quality content being chosen in favor of higher-quality, yet less-known entries). However, considering the social media mentions, traffic, and exposure that developers gain through this approach, it’s safe to say that it’s worth it.


Will more projects follow this approach?


Given the relative success of content-based contests in terms of engaging with the community and creating more interest for the game, developers and community managers are now taking a closer look at successful examples of the content-based approach in the space.


Obviously, to be able to adopt such an approach, the developers have to be agile and receptive to this kind of approach. In addition, the project should have a team that would be able to identify the best type of content-based push (and execute it in collaboration with the people that they want to utilize for the said strategy). As a result, it’s not something that developers in the P2E gaming space would want to adopt.


However, when they find out the possible advantages in terms of exposure and brand loyalty that these kinds of contests bring, more and more would begin utilizing this approach in the foreseeable future.


Do you love content-based contests in the P2E gaming space? Do you prefer them to the cut-and-paste nature of RNG-based airdrops? Let us know what you think!


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