Anito Legends Joins National Inventors Week 2022 Along With Other Filipino-led Projects!
Axie Infinity’s Special Occasion Contest is Live!

Following the previous Halloween Contests of Axie Inifnity, the team recently announced on October 3rd that they would be launching another contest called "A Special Occasion Contest" for owners of Special Axies. The collectors have been wishing for an event like this. So if you are a collector, then this contest is for you!

CryptoBlades Runs a Halloween Art Contest With Exciting Prizes!

Several games in P2E world started conducting fun Halloween events for their community members. Cryptoblades is here to give us one! The team recently announced its Halloween Art Contest which runs from October 19-October 31. 

Axie Infinity Cabanatuan City Community Meetup
Axie Infinity Announced Cabanatuan Community Event in the Philippines
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