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Axie Infinity’s Special Occasion Contest is Live!

Following the previous Halloween Contests of Axie Inifnity, the team recently announced on October 3rd that they would be launching another contest called "A Special Occasion Contest" for owners of Special Axies. The collectors have been wishing for an event like this. So if you are a collector, then this contest is for you!

Rebel Bots Beta Release Gained Positive Feedback from Its Community!
Pegaxy: Racing Lobby Hotfix is Now Live!
$LARO Token Sold Out
Anito Legends $LARO Token Pre-Sale Sold Out in 2 Hours!

Anito Legends held an IDO for $LARO token via BSClaunch on October 26, 2022,12 PM UTC. In two hours, $100,000 worth of $LARO tokens were sold!

Stable Management
Stable Management: A New Progression System in Pegaxy
Your Ultimate Guide to Crypto Legions Gameplay

In Crypto Legions, you need to summon warriors and beasts, group them into legions, then hunt monsters to earn $BLOODSTONE. In this article, let's go through each keyword in Crypto Legions gameplay.

4 Powerful Elements in Crypto Legions Economy
Introducing Carnage Carnival An Upcoming F2P MOBA Game on Myria
Introducing Carnage Carnival: An Upcoming F2P MOBA Game on Myria
Hash Rush: RTS Play-to-Earn Game Released in Open Beta
Hash Rush: RTS Play-to-Earn Game Released in Open Beta
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