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The Pegaxy Experience: Aesthetics and Game


Many of us are already familiar with Pegaxy and the Stadion metaverse at this point in time. With all the excitement and hype currently buzzing around the game, it’s certainly a hard one to miss! And in a sea of red tokens on the bigger cryptocurrency market, VIS (Pegaxy utility token) has remained stable. Giving us some green numbers from time to time!

We are going to have a quick look at what Pegaxy looks like today, and how it measures up to future expectations.

The Feel and The Game

The aesthetics of the game are both sleek and futuristic. However, if official “leaks” and statements are anything to go by, the current game is still not yet in its final form. There are still many things currently in development to give Pegaxy’s players a more immersive gaming experience.

In its current form, one can play the game while doing something else at home or elsewhere. As such, it makes for a chill, casual-like atmosphere. However, it should be noted that the developers envision the game to be “skill-based” and “interactive” in its next few iterations. There are already hints of this happening through the “guild vetting” system, so don’t be surprised if you’ll have to fight for scraps on the track.

Play-to-earn with Pegaxy. Source:

Generally, the game itself is seamless and easy to play. It’s very intuitive, and you won’t even realize that you are playing a game on the blockchain. 

If one has played Pegaxy for several days, that player could observe that a horse wins between five to seven times on a typical “playing day” (i.e., 25 races). If we assume that the player wins six races on Day X and gets one gold, three silvers, and two bronzes, one can see why people would feel that Pegaxy is a good game to play despite the RNG and the complicated algorithms used to govern it – there’s always a race in which one could win!

The Outlook

We all know that Pegaxy is about to experience a boom in the coming days and weeks to come. Almost 97% of the available VIS (i.e. utility token) is already burnt, and floor prices are already above $1000 at the time of writing. It seems that there’s no way but up for the horse racing P2E game.

Another indicator of the game’s possible rapid rise is the fact that there are still less than 100,000 Pega in circulation at the moment. Yes, you’re reading that right. Pegaxy is still in the hundred-thousand range.

As far as social media is concerned, retail investors and guild owners (colloquially known as “managers”) are currently scouring for scholars on Facebook. Engagements range between 500-1000 on a single post. Coupled with the current situation of Axie Infinity at the moment, this is a clear indication of the positive sentiment towards Pegaxy online.

On another note, managers have apparently taken a different approach towards renting (i.e. scholarships) in Pegaxy. Instead of offering 40-60% as before, they try to focus more on keeping players with the game. Hoping to turn them into actual “givers” by turning them into owners and/or investors themselves. One of the requirements expected from managers is to educate, guide, and mentor their scholars into ownership. As well as provide stability and sustainability to their respective programs in the long run.

The only question for the project is whether the company would be able to gain more capital. And whether they will possess more liquidity. Assuring they do, then we could all be sure that this game, Pegaxy, would stay for a very long time on everyone’s radar.


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