What are Mystic Axies and Why Are They Selling for Over $500,000 USD?

By: P2E News | July 12, 2021
What are Mystic Axies and Why Are They Selling for Over 0,000 USD?

What are Mystic Axies?

Mystic Axies are the pinnacle of rarity in Lunacia. Axies can possess more than one Mystic trait, however double, triple and even quad mystics are almost impossible to acquire. Currently, there are 109 single Mystics, 30 double Mystics, 3 triple Mystics, and 1 quad Mystics – totaling only 143 Mystics in existence. P2E News was unable to verify information of whether or not Penta Mystics or Hexa Mystics do exist yet.

Mystic Floor Price

Mystic Axies were born special. Mystic parts are special body parts that are only found in some of the Origin Axies. These parts will never be created again and cannot be inherited. Each Axie has 6 parts: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Horn, Back, Tail. During the presale, there was a chance that your origin Axie could randomly spawn with Mystic parts. In general, it was around a 25% chance in acquiring a single mystic trait.

What are their current prices?

As you can understand, the reason why Mystic Axies are so expensive is that they are super rare. The following is their current prices as of July 13th 2021:

  • Singe Mystics: $55,516.80 – $21,548,119.97 (PHP 2,782,557.53 – PHP 1,080,013,321.02)
  • Double Mystics: $193,892.63 – $4,284,096.88 (PHP 9,720,903.95 – PHP 214,785,339.13)
  • Triple Mystics: $2,571,939.00 – $9,532,368.89 (PHP 129,003,316.36 – PHP 478,124,558.78)
  • Quad Mystics: $7,509,433.75 (PHP 376,613,121.43)
  • Penta Mystics: N/A
  • Hexa Mystics: N/A

4 Part Mystic

Are they a good investment?

Many would agree that a Mystic Axie is a stable long term investment, similar to that of a PSA 10 Base Charizard from Pokemon. Remember that one of the reasons why Mystic Axies are so highly valued is that not only are they rare, but Mystic parts are the only parts that can be upgraded into legendary body parts inside the game in the future.

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