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Banger Games | A Gaming Tournament Hub in the Metaverse?


It seems that blockchain-based gaming tournament platforms are about to enter the metaverse this 2022!

“Banger Games,” a multinational blockchain project, aims to serve as a platform where “gamers will have opportunities to monetize their time spent on the platform.” Here, gamers can “...compete, challenge themselves, trade and enjoy their gaming experience to its fullest…” as quoted on their litepaper.

What is Banger Games?

To put it simply: Banger Games is a gaming and tournament hub/platform on the blockchain. Full stop. Think of ESEA, FACEIT, and all the other gaming tourney and statistical platforms out there, placed into the blockchain.

Is it Worth Keeping On Your Radar?

The answer is yes. However, like most things in this space, there’s a catch. Many gamers are naturally resistant to the idea of play-to-earn due to a collective sense of cynicism over the years garnered from the attitudes of multiple traditional game developers worldwide.

Suppose Banger Games and its developers manage to overcome this particular hurdle. In that case, we might just see the next evolution of gaming tournaments in the foreseeable future! 

A Bold Pitch

The idea of Banger can be summarized in three main bullet points. Directly quoted from the official litepaper for the game:

  • A complete gaming hub. All in one dashboard where gamers can earn, manage and track their game data across any device or metaverse.`
  • A truly global gaming currency. Interporable (sic) currency that unifies and rewards industry players across any game, platform, or metaverse. 
  • P2P cloud gaming at the center of it all. High processing power PC owners can rent their hardware in a peer-to-peer fashion through proof of service to players in need on demand.

Based on the three points above, Banger aims to empower gamers and enable them actually earn something tangible by simply participating in a community. While there are already unofficial and loose aspects of the above points happening in the real world (and in traditional gaming), Banger Games wants to bring it a step further by rewarding everyone in the ecosystem, commensurate with the contribution that they give to the Banger community.

Banger Games Crypto Hub


Of course, all projects have a roadmap, and Banger Games’ Hub is no exception. Here’s what they plan to do in the weeks and months ahead:

  • Early 2022: closed beta, NFT drop, market integration of coin, smart tournaments, objective systems (similar to individual and community challenges)
  • Mid 2022: desktop app, mobile app, publisher SDKs, ranked systems, staking, smart tournaments for creators (and guilds)
  • Late 2022: merchandising, team and guild management, mobile game integrations, public NFT minting, battle pass system, the launch of marketplace, data scraping tool, content creation hub activation, introduction of personalized AI-powered avatars
  • Further down the line: cloud gaming, console app, development tools hub, and a “card” system that gives holders access to exclusive gaming deals

Among all of these milestones, the closed beta is now alive and kicking.

Public Providence

The team is headlined by a multinational group of developers from all over the world. The litepaper also lists companies like ESL, EA, Chainlink, the Dubai Blockchain Center, and Cryptokitties among their common partners. The list of partners occupies two pages of the litepaper itself.

While it is true that the LinkedIn profiles of the main people on the project are publicly available, we note that there are no endemic or external investors on their official investment page. However, Shima Capital and Avalanche are both listed as strategic partners/investors on the litepaper itself.

Take note that even if only half of these written partners gave significant resources to the project, Banger would be able to have a lot of room to develop and refine their product into something that can be potentially groundbreaking.

Speed Bumps

One might ask how Banger would be able to integrate various games onto this platform. Especially considering that there are some game publishers who don’t want to do anything with the P2E and NFT gaming space at the moment. However, if companies like EA (if the litepaper is believed) have already given the green light to include their games on the platform, it could be easier to convince other publishers to list their games in the long run. This, of course, depends on how the developers of Banger execute the project in its entirety.

Final Notes on Banger Games’ Hub

With the platform now in public beta, it’s clear that the developers have more or less figured out how they would gain an audience for their project. Still, based on what we can glean publicly so far, there’s a lot of polishing that they need to do. And simply shipping out something like this is a huge challenge in itself.

Do you think this project will take off? Are you excited to play your beloved video games on a blockchain-based tournament platform?


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