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Introducing Carnage Carnival: An Upcoming F2P MOBA Game on Myria

Introducing Carnage Carnival An Upcoming F2P MOBA Game on Myria

MOBA games have always been a core part of the gaming industry and it is not surprising to see developments on the genre within the blockchain industry. The MOBA game genre certainly attracts a big player base due to its reputable history in traditional gaming.

If you are a MOBA gamer who is trying to look for a new game in the blockchain space that will surely blow your mind through amazingly done artwork and highly competitive scene, worry no more!

Introducing Carnage Carnival – a new free-to-play MOBA game that is being developed on Myria blockchain!

What is Carnage Carnival?

Carnage Carnival is a new free-to-play and play-and-earn MOBA game created on the Myria blockchain. The aim of the team behind Carnage Carnival is to create a blockchain-based ecosystem wherein gamers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be able to interact and directly influence the value of the project.

Carnage Carnival will be a free-to-play MOBA game and will feature traditional MOBA game designs and mechanics. The game is expected to be highly competitive with a vision of transcending the e-sports industry within the blockchain space.


Carnage Carnival is a free-to-play game which means that there will be a difference in experience between a player who is using NFTs in-game and a player who is completely free-to-play. This is to ensure that purchasing NFTs within the project’s ecosystem holds value through time. Nonetheless, the only difference between the two would be the rewards system.

At the beginning, players will be given at random, 2x non-NFT Hero, 2x non-NFT weapons, and 2x non-NFT masks to start the game with. The difference between non-NFT and NFT assets are the following:

  • Free (non-NFT) heroes will have less token rewards compared to NFT heroes.
  • Free (non-NFT) heroes cannot evolve into NFT hero.
  • Free (non-NFT) heroes cannot be traded in the marketplace.

Non-NFT heroes can be freely used in-game and will get rewarded the in-game token, $TIX, which F2P players can accumulate and hold until they have enough to purchase a common rarity NFT equipment mystery box upon reaching a certain rank requirement. These NFT equipment boxes can contain NFT equipment assets that can be fully traded in the marketplace. The $TIX in-game token can also be used to purchase in-game cosmetics and taunts.

To fully experience the play-and-earn feature of the game, players must need to purchase and use at least 1x NFT hero. Through this, the player will be able to earn $CAC tokens by playing the game. Note that in Carnage Carnival, NFT heroes have a certain battle limits per day which varies among the three NFT rarities – common, rare, and epic.

Players can mix and match their heroes’ skill sets through equipment and hero class. Heroes are divided to three classes.

  1. Brutes
    • Heroes with high health and high defense but suffering with slow movement speed, and low attack damage.
  2. Operators
    • Heroes with the word “balance” in their arsenal. These heroes have balanced stats with decent defenses alongside good damage.
  3. Agents
    • Heroes which are called “glass-cannons“. These heroes unleash heavy damage but suffer with low health and defenses. Agents are also the most agile class in the game.

The game will also feature NFT buildings which correspond to Barracks and Armory. Barracks will be able to produce Heroes while Armory will be used to produce equipment.

The rarity of the NFT buildings affect the rarity of the hero or equipment being produced. An epic NFT building will be able to produce at least a rare NFT asset. Each production would require a fee through $CAC tokens.

Other Game Features

Other than the core game mechanics, the game will also feature the following mechanisms:

  • NFT Hero + $CAC Token Synergy
    • Through this, players will be able to stake their $CAC tokens and increase the amount of battles that the NFT hero can play per day. The more $CAC tokens staked, the more increase in the amount of battles per day.
  • Total Battles Refresh
    • Players will also be allowed to totally refresh their NFT heroes’ battles per day through the use of $CAC tokens.
  • NFT Hero Evolve
    • Players will be able to evolve their NFT heroes to a more prestige level through burning same rarity NFT heroes or lower level rarity NFT heroes plus some $CAC token fee. Upon increasing prestige levels, the amount of battles per day of the upgraded NFT hero will increase and additional stats will also be seen. Note that evolving NFT heroes will start at a success rate of 100% and will decrease as you evolve your NFT hero further up in prestige levels.
  • Renting System (Scholarship)
    • Players will be able to rent out their unused NFT heroes and NFT building production slots at a lending price and duration of their own decision. This process will be fully automated and will be seen in the future of the game.

Note that all of the details written in this article are gathered from the official whitepaper of the Carnage Carnival game as of the time of writing and will not include any changes beyond the publication of the article.

For any inquiries and clarifications, kindly refer to the official whitepaper of the Carnage Carnival game through this link.

Where Can I Play Carnage Carnival?

Currently, the game is still in development but we have some good news!

A playable mini-game of the much-awaited MOBA game is currently accessible. If you want to try it out, kindly proceed to the official Carnage Carnival website and access the playable mini-game there for FREE!

The Carnage Carnival official website featuring the playable mini-game that can be played for free.

Carnage Carnival will surely spice things up in the blockchain gaming space as it will be a highly anticipated game with a lot of competitive potential. Make sure to stay updated with their news and developments. Witness the carnage!

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