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Will There Be a Cookie Run NFT? The Controversy Continues…

Cookie Run

We are sure that many of you heard about Cookie Run and its massive popularity in the recent year. After the game’s launch in early 2021, Cookie Run amassed enormous popularity in the mobile gaming industry.

The game reportedly gathered quarter of a billion in revenue through only 22 million downloads over its first year release. The game’s success soared during the same period when NFTs reached every corner of the world.

Due to this, the studio behind the Cookie Run game, Devsisters, announced their plans to venture over to the possibility of implementing NFTs in the future. This received massive backlash from the fans who cited issues such as NFTs being an avenue for a pyramiding scheme and environmental danger.

As NFT game experts here at P2E News, we are going to break down the controversy for you and address major concerns about the industry. Let us dive deep into why the Devsisters team became under fire for announcing plans for the Cookie Run NFT game.

The controversy started when Devsisters, the game studio behind the Cookie Run game, announced their plans on releasing and implementing NFTs in the future. Due to this, the Cookie Run fans and community who were against the idea petitioned on Twitter using the hashtag, #StopCookieRunNFTs.

During late 2021, the Cookie Run NFT announcement sparked debates and massive backlash in Twitter as seen in this sample tweet by Cookie Run Time. The tweet features a link to the official announcement of Devsisters where the issue is all rooted from.

The announcement contains the studio’s upcoming releases such as:

  • Safe House
  • Brick City
  • Party Party
  • Cookie Run: Oven Smash
  • Plans on releasing NFT-based Cookie Run art
  • VR features in future games and services

While some people understood what NFTs are, most of the Cookie Run fans did not have an idea of what NFTs are and what they would mean for the Cookie Run game. Many fans from the game’s community expressed their disappointment by creating and posting protest images explaining what and how NFTs are going to influence the game of Cookie Run.

Most of the major concerns from the community were linked to environmental causes and NFTs being a short-lived bubble that will soon pop and implode on itself. During that time, there were also Change.org petitions to stop Devsisters from implementing NFTs into the Cookie Run franchise.

Some other issues from the community are the following:

  • NFTs being an avenue for a pyramiding scheme
  • Money laundering
  • Stealing artwork from others
  • Not being a true way of owning artwork
  • A short-lived fad
  • Bad environmental effects

The issues did not only reach Twitter but also Reddit as users expressed their unwillingness to further support the Devsisters’ games if they continue their plans to implement NFTs in their franchise. Many also commented and expressed their similar thoughts and opinions about the matter.

Cookie Run subreddit post about the Cookie Run NFT issue
Cookie Run Subreddit Post About the Cookie Run NFT Issue

Immediately, due to the massive backlash, the Devsisters released an official statement through their official Twitter page.

The statement contained assurance for the game’s community that their voices and opinions have been and will continue to be heard and considered for future plans.

The team also addressed most of the issues cited by the community except for the issue regarding environmental effects and alleged pyramiding schemes in the NFT industry which left a lot of fans still disappointed and unsupportive.

For future updates regarding the matter, kindly view this detailed article posted in the Know Your Meme website.

Are NFTs Really That Bad?

NFTs took off really well during the past year and this is due to the fact that the technology is changing the landscape in multiple industries such as the gaming industry. Currently, there are downsides of using NFTs and this is to be expected because of the technology’s infancy stage.

Further research and development in the coming years would exponentially improve the industry and constantly solve its emerging problems. Through time, more and more big and notable companies are exploring and embracing the implementation of NFTs within their systems.

A lot of investors also are flocking and entrusting good amount of money into the industry with high expectations that the technology will evolve and further grow in the coming years.

One good example could be the fact that multiple licensed online casinos are now starting to embrace and take NFTs into their systems which hints to further growth and widespread usability of the new technology, according to Casinos Blockchain.

The Three Main NFT Myths Dispelled

In this section, we will cover the three major issues of the Cookie Run community when it comes to NFT and we will try to possibly explain how the Devsisters’ plan could be beneficial after all.

NFTs and the Environment

The main concern of the community when it comes to NFTs is the environmental effect of its implementation and production. This is true to some degree and we are not trying to deny this. However, not all blockchains are environmentally-damaging.

The Ethereum blockchain, for example, holds and processes most of the transactions in the blockchain industry and this includes NFT implementations, transactions, and production.

Previously, in its Proof-of-Work system, the Ethereum blockchain consumes too much energy in producing NFTs and processing transactions but this, however, was completely changed already as the Ethereum transformed their protocols to Proof-of-Stake which drastically reduced the high energy consumption by ~99.5%.

Another eco-friendly blockchain is Solana which boasts an extremely efficient blockchain. If Devsisters proceed with their plans and implement their games’ NFTs through one of these eco-friendly blockchains specially Solana, the environmental impact of the project could be slim to none.

Solana transaction compared to Ethereum transaction post-merge.
Solana Transaction Energy Consumption Compared to Ethereum Post-Merge

NFTs as Extra Source of Income

Even though there are currently many scams and rug pull projects in the NFT space, the NFT technology itself was developed not to grab money from people but to provide new avenues and stream of income to artists and users and at the same time, provide true ownership of their works.

From the spark of the NFT craze, numerous artists around the world were able to generate extra sources of income through the space and some successful artists even managed to secure their future and gain life-changing money that would probably be nearly impossible to attain in traditional media.

All of these can be done not through scams and rug pulls but through honest artistic expression and market value.

Enhanced Security Features

NFTs also found a successful use-case in the industry of ticketing systems. NFT ticketing was found to be one of the innovative ways to combat ticket scalping and replication.

Through NFT ticketing, holders of the NFT ticket will be able to be ensured that their tickets are secured, safe, and completely authentic.

Due to NFTs being “non-fungible”, bad actors will have a hard time replicating the ticket and more importantly, scalpers will have a hard time tricking people into buying a ticket with a ridiculous price due to the market transparency through blockchain technology. This also opens many possibilities to event organizers for other interactive features for the NFT tickets issued.

Final Thoughts

The NFT industry is still in its infancy stage and due to this, many downsides and skepticism are met along the way. Through time, the growth and development of the technology will be exponential and continuous as we progress further into developing the whole grand scheme of things.

NFTs will also continue to open new doors of use-cases and scaling opportunities in the future. In the case of Devsisters and their Cookie Run NFT plans, only time can tell if the studio proceeds with their plans in the future. For now, let us sit back, relax, and watch as the history of technology unfolds.

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