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Dragonary: Learning How to Breed Dragons in 2023

Dragonary Breeding 2023

In Dragonary, players start with three common dragons and aim to complete missions and advance in the game to earn better rewards. The breeding system is crucial to produce new and stronger dragons that can be used in battle or traded in the marketplace as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with a rarity of Rare or higher.

Players can breed new dragons by either breeding two dragons together to create an egg or by fusing high rarity dragons together to create a new dragon. The incubation period for common and uncommon dragon eggs will vary depending on their rarity.

Incubation Time

Only the common and uncommon dragon eggs will have an incubation period that will depend on their rarity. For the Epic, Legendary, Mythical fusions, and Rare dragon eggs, dragons will be visible and available immediately after the breeding process.

  • Common: 3 Hours
  • Uncommon: 12 Hours

Breeding System

In Dragonary, players will be able to produce eggs with common and uncommon dragons by breeding two adult dragons (50% of their maximum level). The resulting stats of the new dragon will be equal to the average of the parent dragons’ plus an additional 20%. The results will be rounded off to the nearest whole number.

The elements of the new dragon will vary depending on the elements of the parent dragons and the chosen ember, with a 40% probability determined by one parent dragon and 40% by the other parent dragon and the remaining 20% by the chosen ember.

Stats & Rarity

Dragons possess 3 basic stats: Strength, Cunning, and Resistance. The sum of these stats determines the initial rarity of a dragon. The following are the stat ranges for each Dragon rarity in Dragonary:

  • Common: 30 to 49
  • Uncommon: 50 to 89
  • Rare and above: 90 and above

Breeding Requirements

The breeding process in Dragonary requires the use of an ember and a commission fee paid in Coinary Tokens. The rarity of the ember needed will depend on the rarity of the resulting egg. The commission fee will be based on the number of times a dragon has been used in breeding and the rarity of the dragons being bred.

Breed CountPrice (Drago)
Dragonary Breeding Chart for Common Dragons
Breed CountPrice (Drago)
Dragonary Breeding Chart for Uncommon Dragons

When breeding, if the result is a dragon of higher rarity, the commission fee will be multiplied by 1.5. These tokens will be locked until the result is confirmed to have the same rarity characteristic, in which case they will be returned.

If common and uncommon dragons are used for breeding, the commission fee will be based on the uncommon list. If the resulting dragon is uncommon, the commission fee will also be multiplied by 1.5.

Rare dragon eggs cannot be obtained through the breeding process. Any breeding that results in a dragon with stats higher than 90 cannot be done. Instead, Rare dragon eggs can only be obtained from chests and unlocked by paying a fee. Once the fee is paid, the egg can be hatched to reveal the dragon.

Dragon Fusion

In Dragonary, to maintain a deflationary economy within the game, players must fuse dragons of a specific rarity to obtain a dragon with a higher rarity. In this process, the dragons used for the fusion will be removed from the game permanently.

The resulting dragon from the fusion will have superior statistics compared to the dragons used. To fuse dragons, players will need five dragons of the same rarity, for example, five rare dragons to create one epic dragon.

The selected dragon to be upgraded will determine the resulting element of the fusion. This selected dragon must be at its maximum level, and the remaining four dragons used for sacrifice must be adults (50% of their maximum level). The resulting dragon’s basic stats will be the same as the selected dragon plus a 20% increase and will also inherit 10% of each stat of the four sacrificed adult dragons.

It’s also important to note that in order to undergo fusion, the player needs to have 8 or more dragons. This way, players will always end up with at least 3 usable dragons for their team.