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About this game

Annihilation is an online multiplayer action shooter and battle royale game wherein players can experience a 5v5 shooter experience or a 60-player battle royale game. The game is currently available on Android mobile through beta release and being developed & published by Crisis Entertainment.

The game is set on a universe featuring significant past historical conflicts and the future. The game also features season-based lore that is presented through a battle royale experience.

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Jaylance Lorete
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Jaylance Lorete is a content writer at P2E News. He fell in love with gaming since he was a child. When play-to-earn games became popular, he instantly got hooked with the industry.

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What is Annihilation?


Annihilation is an online multiplayer shooter and battle royale game available on Android mobile. The game is set on a universe wherein significant historical conflicts from the past and the future shape the overall experience.

In the game, players are able to customize their characters and battle against each other in hopes of winning loot such as weapons, cosmetics, skills, and abilities. Players in the game have full ownership of their obtained virtual assets which they can freely trade, sell, purchase, and swap with other players through the game’s internal ecosystem.

The characters in the game have their own customizable skill trees that is divided among the following categories: offense, defense, health, and stamina. Additionally, the characters also have different in-game stats, attributes, and experience levels which makes them more unique from each other. Furthermore, each character has a unique backstory to aid with the game’s deep lore.

What is ANCE token?

ANCE token is the native token of the Annihilation Mobile universe. The token is designed for the following utilities:

  • In-game Currency (Marketplace)
    • True ownership of virtual gaming assets.
    • Players can trade their owned Characters, Weapons, Emotes and Skins using ANCE.
  • Registration Fee for Tournaments
  • Player Rewards
    • Players are rewarded for winning tournaments, accomplishing quests, and other in-game activities.
  • In-game Donations and Rewards
    • The creator program features teaming up with streamers and creators who will be able to receive donations and rewards from players for joining clans.

Annihilation Current Roadmap

Currently, the featured roadmap of the game has not been updated but according to the outdated roadmap, the following has been achieved from the previous months.

  • Q1: January – March 2022
    • IJO Launchpad on Leonicorn Swap
    • Launch on Android mobile
  • Q2: April – June 2022
    • Gaming characters as NFTs
    • Annihilators Club
    • Launch on iOs mobile
    • Event Episodes
  • Q3: July – September 2022
    • Blockchain Integration


How to download Annihilation Mobile?

Players can go to the official Annihilation Mobile website and proceed to their download section. On their website, click ‘Download Beta’ and you will be redirected to a Google Play store page wherein you can download the game.

How to earn in Annihilation Mobile?

Players will be able to trade their owned virtual gaming assets through the official in-game marketplace. All trades/purchases will be done using the ANCE token, the native token used as in-game currency in the Annihilation Mobile game universe.