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Dragonary is a free-to-play P2E multiplayer card game that exists in a universe wherein dragons rule. Players will be tasked to train and breed dragons to their own liking. While training and breeding dragons might seem peaceful and tame, competitive spirits surely fuels up as you battle your own dragons against other players through a semi-automatic battle system.

The game features two types of battle system: PvE (Player vs Environment) and PvP (Player vs Player). Through battling dragons, players will be able to gather in-game items and cryptocurrency tokens such as Coinary ($CYT). In the universe of Dragonary, players will be able to immerse themselves in training, breeding, and battling dragons as well as be part of the game’s growing economy.

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What is Dragonary?

Dragonary is a multiplayer P2E adventure card game set in a world where dragons exist. Dragonary is a free-to-play game and accessible on all platforms so players can freely dive into the world easily and be part of the game’s growing community and economy.

In the world of Dragonary, players must train and breed their dragons in order to prepare them for battle against other players (PvP) through a semi-automatic battle system or against computer enemies (PvE). Dragons have 8 different elements and each element corresponds to a certain set of skills.

The effects of each innate skill differ by the rarity of the dragons which means the rarer the dragon, the more effective the innate abilities are. To know more about the elements, let us dive deep below!

Earth Element: Tanks

Earth Element Dragon
  • Innate: Damage reduction
  • Active Ability 1: Generate a shield for 5s or until broken. Taunt all enemy basic attacks, excluding abilities, to hit this dragon. All offensive ability damages deal damage to the shield while the shield is active.
  • Active Ability 2: Receive all the damage dealt to a selected ally dragon. Damage received through this ability is reduced.

Fire Element: DPS

Fire Element Dragon
  • Innate: Increased basic damage when the dragon is in the front row.
  • Active Ability 1: Throw a fireball towards the enemy frontline and damaging it. Further deal 50% damage to the enemy dragon behind the first target.
  • Active Ability 2: Deal damage to an enemy dragon and leave a burn to deal damage-over-time in a span of 10s. Healing effects can interrupt and cleanse the burn.

Air Element: Healer

Air Element Dragon
  • Innate: Healing effects increased.
  • Active Ability 1: Heal up to 3 dragons.
  • Active Ability 2: Reduce all damage received by allies by 25%.

Electric Element: Ranged DPS

Electric Element Dragon
  • Innate: Increase all damage.
  • Active Ability 1: Cast a thunder that will strike an enemy. Has a chance to bounce to another enemy up to 3 times.
  • Active Ability 2: Deal damage to an enemy and paralyze it.

Plant Element: Versatile

Plant Element Dragon
  • Innate: Increased HP and basic damage
  • Active Ability 1: Deal damage to 2 enemy dragons and entangle them for 5s, slowing their attack speeds by 50%.
  • Active Ability 2: Generate a shield around a selected ally.

Water Element: Support/Protection

Water Element Dragon
  • Innate: Create a shield around a healed ally dragon.
  • Active Ability 1: Heal a selected ally dragon.
  • Active Ability 2: Wrap an enemy dragon in a bubble, dealing damage and reducing its attack speed by 50%.

Ice Element: Bruiser

Ice Element Dragon
  • Innate: Increased HP, ability damage, and basic damage.
  • Active Ability 1: Deal damage and freeze an enemy in place for 5s.
  • Active Ability 2: Create a shield around the dragon. If the effect ends or the shield is broken, deal damage to an enemy.

Poison Element: Damage-over-time

Poison Element Dragon
  • Innate: Basic attacks will deal extra damage after 2s. If the dragon is in the back row, increase basic attack damage.
  • Active Ability 1: Damage an enemy dragon and poison it for 10s.
  • Active Ability 2: Select 3 enemy dragons and poison them for 10s.

Dragons in the world of Dragonary do not just vary through their elements but also through different rarities as well. Each rarity has a corresponding level cap and to know more about this, kindly refer to the corresponding tables below.

RarityStatsLevel Cap
Common30 to 49Level 20
Uncommon50 to 89Level 40
Rare90 and aboveLevel 60
EpicObtained from fusing Rare DragonsLevel 80
LegendaryObtained from fusing Epic DragonsLevel 100
MythicalObtained from fusing Legendary DragonsLevel 100
Stats and Level Caps Based on Dragon Rarity in Dragonary
Unique Aspects of Dragonary

There are three unique aspects in Dragonary. Anyone can play Dragonary game and by that, the official team means that, even though a user does not have any deep knowledge about NFTs and cryptocurrency, the game can still be played and they can still be part of its emerging community and ecosystem.


No additional software, third-party applications, or wallets will be downloaded.

Additionally, Dragonary features fast, lightweight, and secured blockchain to process game transaction and interactions without fees. Anyone can play without gas fee limits!

Lastly, Dragonary was developed to be a free-to-play and win game and, as the official team have stated, will stay that way forever. Anyone can enjoy the game content without paying. Of course, if you enjoy the game and want to elevate your gameplay experience further and become competitive, you can check out the game’s marketplace and obtain more powerful dragons, items, and power-ups!

How to Play Dragonary?

Players can download and try Dragonary for free through the game’s official website or simply go to this download link. The game is accessible through all platforms and is also available through Google Play and the App Store.

How to Play Dragonary

Step 1 of playing the game is fairly easy. Simply download the game through the stated official links above and login with your chosen Gmail or Facebook account. Anyone can play on PC, Mac, Android, or iOs.

In step 2, you will need to login to Dragonary’s hub to access your NFT items and tokens if you have any. Please be reminded to use the same login credentials that you used in step 1.

Finally, step 3, you can now start playing and enjoying the game! Do daily tasks to farm tokens. You can try fusing dragons to produce new NFTs. Venture to the dungeons and gather collectibles or compete against other players to test your skills and win prizes over PvP Combat Mode or Tournaments Mode.

How to Earn Money in Dragonary?

Players can earn in the game through the $CYT token. $CYT tokens can be obtained by playing the PvE and PvP battle modes of Dragonary. The amount of $CYT tokens awarded per game depends on the account rarity of the players.

Players can also earn $ECT tokens in the game but, although this token is tradable on ApeSwap, the $ECT token is an inflationary token developed to be burned in-game and NOT as another way of monetization in the game’s economy.

Another way of earning money through the game is by breeding and selling dragons. Players can utilize the breeding system of Dragonary to produce new and better quality dragons for battling, trading, or selling in the marketplace. In Dragonary, only NFT dragons (dragons with rarity of Rare or higher) can be traded and sold in the marketplace.

There are two ways to breed dragons: producing an egg by joining two non-NFT dragons or fusing of high rarity NFT dragons.

In joining two non-NFT dragons (common and uncommon dragons are eligible), an egg with an incubation period of 3 hours (common) and 12 hours (uncommon) will be produced. In the fusion of high rarity dragons (dragon rarity of rare or higher), the egg will hatch immediately to produce a dragon.

How Much is the Cost to Breed in Dragonary?

The breeding costs for common and uncommon dragons in Dragonary is shown through the breeding chart below.

Egg Quantity (Breed Count)Price (Drago)
Breeding Cost Chart for Joining Two Common Dragons
Egg Quantity (Breed Count)Price (Drago)
Breeding Cost Chart for Joining Two Uncommon Dragons

If the two parent dragons have different breed counts, the higher breed count will be considered for the breeding cost. For example, if common parent #1 has a 0 breed count while common parent #2 has a breed count of 2, the breeding cost will be 8 Drago.

If you wish to breed dragons with rare or higher rarity, the cost would now be in terms of $CYT instead of Drago. In the fusion of higher rarity dragons (rare and above), an elemental ember is required alongside the $CYT token fee.

Note that in fusing dragons (rare or higher rarity), the two parent dragons will not be available anymore after the breeding process as this breeding system is structured to be deflationary.


How to download Dragonary?

Players can download Dragonary for free through the following links:

Is Dragonary safe?

Dragonary is safe to download through the official and credible links as stated in the previous question. The Coinary team behind the game is credible and doxxed enough to be trusted. The list of official team members can be viewed through this link to their “Team” section in the Dragonary official whitepaper.

How much can you earn in Dragonary?

The amount of $CYT tokens earned per win in the arena depends on your account rarity. The higher the rarity of your account is, the higher the earned rewards. For example, if the total $CYT rewards per day is 1,000,000 $CYT, 15000 $CYT tokens (1.5% of the total) will be distributed among the common accounts during that day. Thus, if there are, for example, 100 common accounts playing that day, each common account will get rewarded an estimated amount of 150 $CYT.