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About this game

League of Kingdoms is an MMO strategy game where players battle for dominance in a virtual world. It is the first 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) MMO strategy game built on blockchain technology, allowing players to earn real income through in-game activity.

Players can build and grow their own kingdom, while vying for power against other players and defeating monsters. Join the fight and experience the ultimate combination of strategy and blockchain technology in League of Kingdoms.

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What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is the first massively multiplayer online MMO strategy game built on blockchain technology. It was developed by NPLUS Entertainment, a company based in Singapore, and launched in early 2020. The team behind the game mostly consists of electronic product managers, software engineers and a former software engineer of NEXON.

The game is similar to popular games like Clash of Clans and Rise of Kingdoms. In the game, players can buy land, farm resources, collect non-fungible tokens, and more. Players can build a full-fledged kingdom and battle each other for hegemony, with the strategy and gameplay determining the player’s success and earning potential.


Kingdom Building

In order to increase the level of your kingdom, you can do the following activities.

  • Build
  • Research
  • Train


In League of Kingdoms, players can construct a variety of buildings within their kingdom. Building these structures takes both time and resources. Higher level buildings require more resources and time to build, but also offer greater productivity.

The majority of the gameplay involves players working on their own to construct buildings, train troops and gather resources. However, there are also opportunities for multiplayer gameplay, such as rallies, in which players must work together to defeat monsters that cannot be defeated alone.


Research is a way to improve technology for battle and production. Battle technology includes things like Cavalry Speeds and etc. while production technology improves abilities such as gathering resources quicker. Currently, there are three main ways to acquire and upgrade technologies. The Academy, Alliance Technology and Mastery.

  • The Academy allows players to invest resources and time to develop new technologies in the academy building located in their castle. There are three main categories: Battle, Production, and Advanced techs.
  • Alliance Technology allows players to develop additional technologies by being a member of an alliance. Each alliance has its own research institute where players can contribute resources to develop new technology, which will benefit the player’s kingdom as long as they remain a member of the alliance.
  • Mastery is a range of advanced technologies, mostly conditional ones, that players can learn by earning mastery points. These points can be earned by leveling up the player’s Lord through hunting monsters.


Players can choose from three different types of troops: Infantry, Archery, and Cavalry. Each of these types has five tiers, allowing for strategic and tactical strengthening by investing in various research and technologies.

These troop types vary in their battle abilities and also in their gathering speed and load. As troops play a crucial role in resource farming, players have ample opportunities to be creative with their training strategies.

Faming & Hunting

League of Kingdoms has five primary resources and many other auxiliary items to gather. These resources can be gathered within your kingdom and from resource nodes in the wilderness. Four of the primary resources can be harvested from farms within your castle, but crystals can only be found in the field, and are often already taken by other players.

Hunting monsters is a good way to gather resources and loots. Different monsters drop different resources and items based on their level and type. Some special or boss monsters can only be defeated by rallying with alliance members. Hunting monsters also grants mastery EXP which can be used to acquire new mastery skills.


Alliances are crucial in the League of Kingdoms game. Players must be a member of an alliance to participate in activities like dragon hunting and conquering shrines/congresses. It is recommended to join an alliance early in the game as it greatly impacts gameplay in later stages.

The game has an AI recommendation bot that helps players find the best alliance for them. Joining an alliance grants access to various features such as alliance gifts, shops, and buildings.



The wilderness is home to a variety of monsters that players can send their troops to hunt. While most monsters can be defeated in solo battles, some require players to join forces and form rallies. Additionally, certain special monsters can only be summoned by obtaining a specific item.


You can battle against other kingdoms and you can do this by either attacking solo or forming rallies. Some events like “The Great Kingdom” give points for your PvP battle results, like the number of kills, etc.


League of Kingdoms offers a variety of massively multiplayer online (MMO) content, such as Shrine and Congress, and events like Continent vs Continent (CvC). As the first fully-functional blockchain MMO, players can experience the game with thousands of other players from around the world on a shared game server.

LoK Dragos

FIRE (Flame, Inferno, Heat)

Inferno Dragos are a type of dragon found in the death valley of the Inferno basin. They are known for their short temper and ability to control fire. The advent of these dragons led to the transformation of the leafy terrain and rain forests into a barren desert.

A legendary type of Inferno Drago, known as a descendant of the Magdar, was responsible for setting the entire genesis continent on fire. To stop their tyranny, arctic Dragos were released to bury the inferno with frost beams.

TERRA (Earth, Timber, Fauna)

The Timber Dragon, also known as a forest or mountain dragon, is often found deep in the verdant rainforests of the south cape. They absorb sunlight and water to convert into growth energy and power, and their power derives from the vitality and mystery of nature, including rainforests, insects, plants, soils, and beasts.

They can be vulnerable to flames on dry, barren days. They are particularly powerful against dark elemental types due to their ability to quickly fill darkness with natural vitality. The legendary kin of the Tree Drago is known for its ability to manipulate the surrounding plants and insects.

AQUA (Ice, Glacier, Water)

The Arctic Ice dragons are found in the cold northern regions and are known for their ability to endure low temperatures and command aquatic elements. They are often seen by fishers in the northern islands, and are able to freeze the sea in a single blow. They are calm and can control ice and water, freezing opponents instantly.

They were used in ancient battles against Magdar, but are weak against thunder. Some of the rare Arctic Ice dragons are born with mystic power and are called “Crystal Drago” and are classified as legendary.

DARK (Black, Blank, Darkness)

The Dark-type Dragos are known for their feral and untameable traits, born from darkness and complex social conditions. They are tricksters, known for being cruel, crafty, manipulative, and clever.

They can be found in dark places, but they are powered by absorbing and nullifying light. They are immune to light but weak against soil, tree, and greenness. It’s important to note that their inherent disposition does not make them inherently evil.

LIGHT (Light, Thunder, Electricity)

The Light-type Dragos are characterized by their light-oriented powers and celestial habitat. They possess electro-kinetic abilities, able to control and produce electricity and atmospheric elements. They are fast, nimble, and often have a yellow appearance.

They are also sensitive and temperamental, constantly charging energy from the air. Light-type Dragos have an advantage over arctic-type Dragos but are vulnerable to Dark-type Dragos as lights are easily devoured by darkness.


How to buy $LOKA?

To buy $LOKA tokens, you must first purchase $ETH and trade it for $LOKA tokens. You can do this on an exchange that supports both tokens such as, KuCoin, Binance, Huobi, and Coinbase.

How to earn in League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms offers several ways to generate income, including:

  1. Land ownership – players can earn passive income through a redistribution of 5% of resources harvested by players and 10% of profits from in-game purchases.
  2. Land trading – players can buy and sell land to each other within the game, with prices ranging from $13 to $240 in the first sale in December 2020.
  3. Resource farming – players can gather resources in the game and sell them on external marketplaces, or use them to create other resources for sale.