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About this game

Realm is a resource management game where players must use NFT Leaders and Helpers to navigate through a world of turmoil due to war, famine, disease, and meteors. Join an organization called Realm as an attempt to restore order to the world!

Players will strategically build their Realm team and restore order to each region of the world. Constructing buildings, training helpers, and upgrading/expanding will help in achieving the ultimate goal of the game.

Trading Volume $1,210
All-Time High $0.03 -79.39%
All-Time Low $0.004 25.12%
Fully Diluted Market Cap $526,338
Total Supply 100,000,000
Max Supply 100,000,000

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Jaylance Lorete
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Jaylance Lorete is a content writer at P2E News. He fell in love with gaming since he was a child. When play-to-earn games became popular, he instantly got hooked with the industry.

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What is Realm?

Realm is a management game wherein players are tasked to accumulate resources for the Realm organization and bring peace back to the world. Players are required to construct buildings, train workforce, perform upgrades, and expand for resources.

Players in the game will use NFTs such as Leaders and Helpers to complete missions, gather resources, and expand the organization.

Realm NFT


Realm is divided into 6 regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania. Players will start by having access to Africa only.

Realm NFTs


  • General
    • Requires fewer number of Helpers to successfully accomplish tasks and missions.
  • Politician
    • Reduces the costs of operations.
    • Permits every operation.
  • Pacifist
    • Makes the team more effective overall.
  • Celebrity
    • Helpers will be more effective and mission success chances are increased significantly.
  • Professional
    • Reduces time spent on training Helpers.
  • Economist
    • Expert in cost analysis and finds ways to save money.
    • Reduces the cost in training Helpers.
  • Explorer
    • Always finds the quickest routes to remote locations.
    • Can navigate land faster and reduces time to complete missions.
  • Hacker
    • Secures any infrastructure and penetrate any security.
    • Helps in getting the most out of the organization’s operations.
  • Scientist
    • Considered as “crazy” by his peers.
    • Runs questionable experiments that could be beneficial in time of need.
  • Architect
    • Can design buildings that defy the laws of gravity.
    • Can be useful for expanding the organization.
  • Trucker
    • He lives and breathes the world of Transportation.
    • Always knows the best way to get something from point A to point B.
  • Citizens
    • The free-to-play Leaders, John and Jane. These two Leaders are free for everyone to use.


  • Doctors
    • Helpful in disease-related missions.
  • Assassin
    • Will get any job done secretly and effectively.
    • Helpful in taking down hostile targets.
  • Police
    • Helps in breaking up pesky protests in the Realm.
  • Soldier
    • Helpful in times of wars.
  • Farmer
    • Gathering and producing resources to counter overconsumption.
  • Lawyer
    • Helps in finding loopholes in settling disputes.
  • Firefighter
    • Excels in extreme conditions, weather events, and emergency situations.
  • Engineer
    • Skilled in doing damage repairs from ongoing conflicts and weather events.
  • Surgeon
    • Has an advanced medical knowledge to help the Realm defeat conflicts and plagues.
  • Worker
    • Provides manpower.
  • Cyborg X01
  • Cyborg T01


HeadquartersRequired in establishing a new region. Upgrading this building will be vital in accessing more advanced buildings.
FactoryProvides resources for the realm.
Storage VaultStores resources produced from the Factory.
Training FacilityTrains Helpers to help your Leaders in accomplishing missions and tasks.
HousingRequired in training Helpers as they will need somewhere to live.
Research LabProvides various enhancements and research for Helpers, buildings, and Leaders.
Transport DepotGives access to other additional resources through transportation of goods among the regions.

Realm Token

The $RLM token is the primary cryptocurrency token in the Realm. The token is used through variety of transactions and tasks in the Realm such as:

  • Speeding up upgrades, missions, and research
  • Unlocking bonus functions
  • Purchasing Boost card NFTs
  • Purchasing Helpers NFTs
  • Purchasing in-game resources