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Shiba Inu’s F2P Game Shiba Eternity Launches Globally!

Shiba Inu’s F2P Game Shiba Eternity Launches Globally

With the announcement of the Shiba Eternity game last August, the hype for the game was rapidly building up and the bonds of the Shiba Inu community was strengthened once again as the ecosystem will be expecting to onboard many more newcomers once the game fully comes out.

The high anticipation for the game dramatically increased as the team officially announced the date for what they call “Download Day” as during this said date, the Shiba Eternity game will fully launch globally and will finally be available for everyone. The official date for the Download Day or global launch was set to be October 6, 2022 and it already came out during the time of writing this article!

Things to Know About Shiba Eternity

In the game of Shiba Eternity, players will enter the Dogjo and train with their own unique Shiboshis. The game will feature a vast array of collectible cards and allow players to craft and develop their own unique deck and playstyle.

Build your deck and your own Shib army to battle your foes and friends! Every day there will be quests to complete so make sure to watch out for that as well because those will help you climb the competitive leaderboards of Shiba ranks and become a Dogjo master yourself!

In Shiba Eternity, you can freely earn and craft any card you want to perfect your collection or competitive deck. Yes, you read that right. You can collect and craft cards for FREE because Shiba Eternity is completely free-to-play for everyone.

How Can I Play Shiba Eternity?

The Shiba Eternity game finally got released globally today, October 6, 2022, and everyone can try the game for free now!

You can find the official links to the game through the following tweet by the official Shiba Eternity Twitter account below.


Once in game, do not forget to pat your dog!

Will Shiba Eternity Affect the Shiba Inu Ecosystem?

A lot of people are expecting the game to be play-to-earn and among the most frequently asked questions are about the game’s tokenomics and Shiba Inu token integration within the game. The Shiba Inu team have confirmed that currently, there are no integrations of the Shiba Inu token within the Shiba Eternity game thus, anyone can play the game freely without worrying about acquiring NFTs or purchasing the Shiba Inu token.

Despite the lack of play-to-earn features of the game currently, the Shiba Inu team also confirmed that they will allocate the 5% of the game’s total revenue for burning Shiba Inu tokens. The Shiba Eternity game will surely affect the ecosystem of Shiba Inu token through this burning mechanism.

The team also clarified that they also have plans regarding the remaining part of the game’s revenue and the plans will be announced publicly once the team have fully discussed it.

Final Thoughts

Shiba Inu has one of the most amazing and solid community here in the blockchain and web3 space. The Shiba Inu team have proven in the past that they can deliver outstanding updates and developments within the Shiba Inu ecosystem and with the announcement of this new free-to-play game Shiba Eternity, the project’s success is further bolstered once again.

Lastly, I would like to remind everyone to not forget to pat your dog! See you in the Dogjo!

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