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TactiCards: New Axie Game Where Two Game Genres Meet

TactiCards New Axie Game Where Two Game Genres Meet

Axie Builders Program never fail to impress as the future of Axie Infinity became brighter once again as the Sky Mavis team announced a new game called TactiCards wherein players will witness the fusion of two popular game genres into a single game.

The game is expected to bring a prominent competitive scene once again to further bolster the Axie Infinity community and cement the game’s legacy in esports. Players will be able to undergo a whole lot of new experience and level of skill expression in this newly announced game joining the Axie Builders Program.

Let us dive deep into TactiCards and know what the hype is all about!

What is TactiCards?

TactiCards is a new addition to the Axie Builders Program. The game will feature not only one traditional game genre but will be combining TWO!

The game will have its core gameplay revolve around the tactics gameplay and trading card game mechanics. The game will also feature new card types, card collection with different card rarities, and a way to create custom cards.

Eduan, the creator of TactiCards, describes that the game will have a huge reach due to its availability through platforms of gaming and its massive competitive potential. Eduan also noted that the level of competitiveness that TactiCards brings will resemble that of the competitive scene of the popular card game Hearthstone.

The community reception for the announcement of the game during the AxieCon in Barcelona, Spain was immense and overwhelming as the players, content creators, and supporters of Axie Infinity got delighted by the sight of an Axie Infinity card game that is available physically!

Game Trailer

The game trailer shown above is also found on the TactiCards official website. As seen in the trailer, the core gameplay of TactiCards revolves around the combination of two game genrestactics gameplay and trading card game.

The game will feature the original Axie classes from the Axie Infinity game but there will be additional card types such as the following.

  • Equipment
  • Items
  • Devices

Players will also be able to collect cards, both physically and digitally, with various rarities.

The image shows the three different rarities of the collectible cards from TactiCards.
The Different Rarities of Collectible Cards from TactiCards

The trailer also showed a feature that will allow players to create their own custom card just like the custom card example shown in the trailer video that features a Mystic Axie with a Shiny Summer Part and an Arctic Land background. You can also create your own custom card featuring your favorite Axie!

The image shows a custom card created in TactiCards. The card features a Mystic Axie with a Shiny Summer Part and an Arctic Land background.
Custom Card Creation in TactiCards

Will the Game be Available in Mobile?

The TactiCards team confirmed that the game will be available on ALL platforms. Yes, you read that right. All platforms which means even through physical format!

As you can see in a tweet posted by Philip La, from the Sky Mavis team, the game was played physically during AxieCon in Barcelona. Feel free to play this game with your buddies!

Final Thoughts

TactiCards rekindles the memories of playing tabletop card games with our buddies but now it is more fun and exciting as the new game we have here will have more features than any card game right now. Imagine Hearthstone but you can create your own custom cards featuring your favorites in the game.

The game also has a massive competitive potential due to the depth of the game as it features new card types that will surely fire things up in the competitive scene. Tactics and trading card game genres – let us see how this unfolds!

Do not pass the chance of being part of history once again!

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