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What is Rune?


Rune is an open-ended dark fantasy gaming universe. Players can earn real money, battle, join a guild, and collect powerful weapons. In the game, Runes are small, rare stones inscribed with magical glyphs found in the mortal world. Each Rune expands the Rune Universe with new storylines, games, and unique collectibles that make your hero stronger. 

Rune P2E Game
Source: Rune whitepaper

Who is the team behind Rune?

Crypto and software development veterans with over 20 years of experience lead the team. Members remain unnamed, and instead, they go by “Binzy.” According to the team, they chose to remain anonymous as a means of protection from archaic legislation imposed by governments who won’t understand the emerging DeFi field for years to come. 

How does it work?

Players will have complete ownership over their gameplay, gaming assets, and future direction of the game. Rune has four primary features: Rune Revolution, Rune Farm (Yield Farming), Runewords (NFTs), and Rune Infinite Arena (PvP). How do they differ from each other?

Rune Revolution 

This is the first play-to-earn game built for the Rune ecosystem. Here, you start as a dragonling that can eventually evolve into a dragon by flying around and eating sprites. In the game, you collect cryptocurrencies and kill opponents. Click here to play:

Rune Farm 

This was the first game launched in the Rune Universe. It focuses on distributing the $RUNE governance token to attract liquidity to the ecosystem. The $RUNE token went live on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on March 30, 2021 with a maximum supply of 19,300. 

$RUNE token will be split into Rune Shards ($RXS) on Polygon on a 1:10000 ratio where 1 $RUNE = 10,000 $RXS. Basically, when you bridge 1 $RUNE token on Binance Smart Chain you will receive 10,000 $RXS tokens on Polygon, which you can use as payments and rewards in games throughout the Rune Universe.

Runewords (NFTs) 

These are powerful weapons and armor that are unique to your hero. You can earn it by competing against other players, guilds, AI, raiding yield farms, and community participation. You can trade, share, and collect Runewords in the Rune Market and use them between games in the Rune ecosystem. Soon you’ll be able to lend your Runewords to guild members or through the Market.

Rune Infinite Arena

This will be a web-based 2D top-down PVP game, integrated directly into the Rune ecosystem. The concept of its gameplay will be pretty similar to Pokemon’s:

Rune Infinite Concept
An exemplar of the game concept. Source: Rune whitepaper

In this game, you will enter with your hero and battle with other players. When you win, the gate will open and lead to a path. Your defeated opponent will then go back to the beginning, and you receive a slight buff. 

More of the path becomes available every 15 seconds. After 1 minute, the game will gift the last player standing with either a crypto reward or NFTs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Does it sound interesting to you? Here’s the process on how to participate:

  1. Purchase Rune or runes Visit Rune Swap here and purchase some runes ($RUNE, $EL, $TIR, $NEF etc).
  2. Create your Hero ($RUNE required) – Visit Rune’s website here. On the home page of Rune, select “Open App.” Then, select “Setup Main Character” and choose its class. Click “Approve” and then “Confirm.” Choose your guild and click “Next Step.”
  3. Complete your profile Choose your username. Then click “Approve,” “Confirm,” and then finally “Complete Profile.”

Try out the Rune and let us know how it was for you! Visit us on our Facebook page and leave a comment. Also, don’t miss tutorials, tips, latest news and leaks all about P2E world by checking in at

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