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Animoca Reveals Teasers for New Game | P2E MetaRadar


It seems that Animoca is firing on all cylinders as they finally announced the gameplay of a prelude to their new upcoming PC blockchain game, which aims to be both a play-to-earn (P2E) and non-fungible token (NFT) gaming title.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Animoca is planning to have a separate “prologue” play-to-earn card game that will allow players to utilize Game Card NFTs that they get from the Chest Sale.

On February 10, Thursday, Animoca shared a couple of visuals that gave everyone a clear idea of the game’s development. Though attached was a now-ubiquitous disclaimer that “The game is under development and is not indicative of the final product.”

Chest Sale & Teaser for Animoca’s New Game here!

Here are the salient features of the upcoming NFT card game:

  • Each card NFT has an assigned DPS (Damage Per Second)
  • The larger the DPS that a player has, the more damage you deal to the boss. This, in turn, allows the player to earn more tokens in the process.
  • Players have to stake their TOWER card NFTs to form troops to start the battle. Apparently, there’s no limit on the maximum number of NFTs that could be staked.
  • Players have to keep an eye on the energy of their troops: The cards’ DPS get cut by half if the energy drains down to zero.
  • Some micromanagement is essential towards maximizing the efficiency of the cards.
  • Like Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH), cards will have certain attributes.
  • The bosses will determine the properties of the cards. Some would have a bonus, while others would weaken by their presence.
  • Players would have to consider the card combination in terms of attributes and affinities to boost maximum damage. 
  • Most importantly, players would be able to see their earnings once they’ve defeated the boss.

Animoca New Game

Getting Ahead

The gameplay is similar to the one employed by Topebox’s MyDefiPet (MDP) in its PVE mode. Though one could see that the process is more streamlined.

All of the above points also meant that players with more (and/or better quality) NFT cards have better chances to earn more TOWER tokens from the upcoming Animoca title…and obviously, NFT owners would be able to have an advantage in the PC blockchain game as well. From here, one could easily see that the Battle Chests will be a hot commodity during their sale next week.

Finally, based on the above gameplay, players could easily see that having the NFTs from the chests would give participants copious amounts of resources to their owners across the Crazy Kings metaverse. Making Animoca Brands’ chest sale a must-buy for blockchain gamers out there.

Generally, the games under the Crazy Kings franchise combine the accessibility of collectible card games, the reliable playability of the tower defense genre, the tactics of resource management, an RPG character and equipment system (through the Avatar), and diverse fantasy storylines with hundreds of levels of increasingly challenging gameplay (thus ensuring a lot of replayability; even in CDH, the same levels have versions of increasing difficulty). In addition to single-player campaigns and other game modes, the games also have multiplayer events such as tournaments and similar competitive pursuits.

The mechanics of the game can be summed up as follows:

As per Animoca’s words:

“The basic principle of (the games under the Crazy Kings metaverse) is simple: players must build defenses during each encounter to withstand the onslaught of enemy invaders. In addition to upgradeable buildings and their avatar with its equipped gear, players can also call upon mighty heroes to join their ranks and are able to use magic to blast enemies, slow them down, reveal the unseen, or create other real-time effects necessary to achieve victory.”

What do you think of the gameplay so far? Do you believe that Animoca’s NFT card game on the blockchain would be a hit?


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