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MetaClash Announced Strategic Partnership With Battle Arena Games Guild


MetaClash is undoubtedly preparing something exciting with the Battle Arena Games Guild (BAGG), since it announced a strategic partnership on December 19, 2022! What’s the big deal about the BAGG? What can we anticipate from their partnership?

The Game and the Guild’s Strategic Partnership

Usually, a good game partnership with an amazing gaming guild may truly assist the game to grow. A guild can help promote a game and its events, as well as sustain or increase the number of daily active gamers in a game. The game and the partner guilds may agree to a “guild promo pack,” in which the guilds are offered an NFT pack or token sale at a discounted price, making it easier for their managers, players, or investors to enter the game. Because of their guild partner, the game may also attract competent players anytime they have a tournament.

Battle Arena Games Guild (BAGG)

Battle Arena Games Guild is the largest Esports giant in Southeast Asia. BAGG Is its  DAO GameFi Aggregator Guild, which includes an online and offline Esports Ecosystem. Its platform is intended to be the ultimate one-stop GameFi destination, connecting and immersing Crypto Gamers, Esports Gamers, Athletes, and Influencers in the new Web3.0 era of NFT-powered gaming.

The Battle Arena Games Guild is composed of three (3) pillars: onboarding and scholarships, incentives and competitiveness, and governance. They intend to connect traditional gamers to GameFi, bring competition to GameFi in the form of esports infrastructure and professionalization, and establish a decentralized governance mechanism that will allow stakeholders to guide the future of the collaboration between traditional gaming, esports, and GameFi.

How does Battle Arena Games Guild choose Quality GameFi Metaverses and GameFi Projects?

Battle Arena Games Guild chooses quality projects by carefully looking at its playability, sound and sustainable P2E economic model, and strong community. MetaClash must have pleased the guild with these three criteria to be one of their partners!

Battle Arena Games Guild way of choosing quality projects: playability, sound and sustainable P2E economic model, and strong community

If you want to learn more about Battle Arena Games Guild, click here.

MetaClash: Digitals Avatars of Destruction (D.A.D.)

MetaClash: Digitals Avatars of Destruction is a free-to-play competitive PvP vehicular combat game featuring a Play-and-Earn (PnE) model in which players may customize their Digital Avatars of Destruction (D.A.D.) by utilizing compatible NFTs as vehicle components.

Each D.A.D. will have a varied set of skills and attributes depending on the components it is equipped with and its level, making MetaClash: D.A.D. a dynamic and ever-changing experience. Within the ecosystem, players may be both competitors and/or landowners, allowing chances to organize and participate in tournaments that give real-world money in the form of tokens. 

In this game, players will be divided into three groups and will automatically become a part of the larger project spectrum, which includes RPG narrative experiences, native $PCORE staking, and governance.
MetaClash takes a different approach to NFT-based games, with a supported ecosystem of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) and tokens.

Are you excited to see what the future holds for MetaClasha and Southeast Asia’s biggest Esports giant? Let’s all see how their partnership will prosper.

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