Carla Calitis

Carla Calitis is our pillar news/content writer at P2E News. She obtained a degree in Secondary Education major in English and currently studying law in the Philippines.

Carla has been a journalist since she was in high school. She worked on the campus newspaper's editorial board. She not only writes but also makes editorial cartoons, which are featured in their official campus newspaper. She also competed with other schools in their region for editorial cartooning and was invited to train other aspiring journalists to follow in her footsteps.

Carla is also the founder of the Triple Crown Guild, a gaming guild with over 20,000 members on Discord, Twitter, and Facebook. She also has expertise in customer support service in a P2E game, making her exposed to community management in the crypto industry.

She doesn't only focus on academics, she is also a professional painter and accepts commission projects as an auxiliary job.