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Bringing Games to the Blockchain | What is ITAM?



This article was published on August 7, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

ITAM is a company that aims to innovate the gaming ecosystem by putting achievements, in-game items, and digital assets on the blockchain. The company uses ITAM Middleware to convert regular games into blockchain-enabled games.

With so much public interest in the NFT space, ITAM announced that they will expand their market reach and “…become a cross-chain marketplace for all types of NFTs, with the ITAM token being our bridge between various chains.” It’s an exciting time for the team! Making this vision reality, they have secured partnerships with some of the major players in the BSC ecosystem: PancakeSwap, CafeSwap, Alpaca Finance and LaunchZone.

These partnerships have subsequently promoted publicity and accessibility to their utility token ITAM, which is used for purchases in-game and on the ITAM-Store and Marketplace.

ITAM Middleware

Have they converted any games to the blockchain?

Launching in August 2021, “Lime Odyssey M” will be the first blockchain-enabled game using ITAM Middleware. Interested in the game? Click here to learn more. For information on the Lime Odyssey NFT pre-sale even, click here.

Lime Odyssey

What are the company’s intellectual properties?

  1. ITAM Store. It is the blockchain game platform that the team has made. Through it, users can easily access blockchain games and control their digital assets.
  2. ITAM Market. It serves as the ‘ITAM NFT’ Explorer. Through this market, users can check their achievements and digital assets recorded on the public blockchain.
  3. Blue Dawn. It is the in-house game that the company is making for ITAM Store. 

How is ITAM funded?

The company was funded through the initial token sale (public and private), sale of tokens from the team’s pre-mined or pre-allocated reserves, and through equity funding.

Technical structure of ITAM Middleware

ITAM Middleware Technology
  1. The user connects the wallet in the game and requests the NFT of the items acquired.
  2. If the request is successful, the game company will convert the item to a locked state. 
  3. When the user connects the wallet in NFT.Farm, you can check the NFT on MyPage.
  4. You can sell/transfer/delete NFT items in NFT.Farm marketplace.
  5. If you want to use NFT again in the game, change the NFT to the locked state on MyPage.
  6. The game company changes the status of the item to usable and makes it available to users again.

In summary, the technology provided by ITAM is literally game-changing for the developers and players/users alike.

Visit their website to learn more and make sure to follow to stay up to date with the latest news, releases, and updates in the play-to-earn space!

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