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Your Ultimate Guide to Crypto Legions Gameplay


In Crypto Legions, you need to summon warriors and beasts, group them into legions, then hunt monsters to earn $BLOODSTONE.

If you need a detailed guide in creating your account in Crypto Legions using Binance, click here. If you want to use instead, click here. Once you have secured your Crypto Legions account, you can proceed to summoning or buying your warriors and beasts, and later on, building your legion.

Now, let’s go through each keyword in Crypto Legions gameplay: Warriors, Beasts, and Legions.


Warriors are the ones who slay deadly monsters and obtain $BLOODSTONE for players. Note that Crypto Legions use “summoning” instead of “‘minting” to fit their storyline

6 Types of Warriors:

Hobbit (1 star)

Crypto Legions Gameplay Hobbit Warrior

Gnome (2 stars)

Crypto Legions Gnome Warrior

Satyr (3 stars)

Crypto Legions Satyr Warrior

Dwarf (4 stars)

Crypto Legions Dwarf Warrior

Minotaur (5 stars)

Crypto Legions Minotaur Warrior

Dragon (6 stars)

Crypto Legions Dragon Warrior

Players can summon a warrior for a set USD value in $BLV3. The usual summoning fee is $20, but may adjust depending on their Omni-Balance Oracle. You will receive a warrior with random strength. Stronger warriors provide your legions with more Attack Power (AP). The greater a legion’s attack power, the more dangerous monsters it can hunt. The chances of earning more $BLOODSTONE increase.


You get a discount if you summon multiple warriors!

Amount of Summons at OnceDiscount

To summon single to multiple warriors, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Crypto Legions and connect your BSC MetaMask Wallet. Then, click “Warriors” which is found in the upper left part of your screen. Click “Summon Warriors” and select the number of warriors you want to summon.
Crypto Legions Summon Warriors Drop Down Button

2. Choose whether you pay using MetaMask or Reinvest Wallet.

Wallet buttons for payment

3. Confirm the transactions and prompts in your wallet. After summoning warriors, click on the “Reveal Warriors” button to see your new warriors appear in your inventory.


You can execute warriors which will return 20% of current summon fee back in $BLOODSTONE!

Not satisfied with the attack power of your summoned warrior? Time to execute them! To do this, go to your unwanted warrior and click the X button. You can also mass execute warriors if you wish, just click “Mass execute“.


Mass executing might result in a slightly different gas fee compared to executing warriors one by one.

Summoners must know the probability of getting low and high AP to set their expectations better. See the table below:

Summoning warriors probability of attack powers
Image Source: Crypto Legions

Now that we’re done with Warriors, let’s now talk about the Beasts which is another important element in Crypto Legions Gameplay.


The beasts are needed to assist warriors hunt challenging monsters by carrying hunting supplies such as food and weapons. Beasts utilize their speed and senses to seek and hunt down Nicah’s monsters. Just like warriors, you can summon beasts. A beast can be summoned for a set USD value in $BLV3. The usual summoning fee is $20, but may adjust depending on their Omni-Balance Oracle. You’ll get a beast of random strength. The stronger, the better.

You can also summon multiple beasts. The process is similar with that of summoning multiple warriors. But this time, you choose “Beasts” and click “Summon Beasts” and select the number of beasts you want to summon.

Crypto Legions Summon Beasts Drop Down Button

Summoning multiple beasts will also give you discounts similar to summoning multiple warriors:

Amount of Summons at OnceDiscount

Each legion can only have a maximum of 10 beasts to limits the number of warriors it can support. It is essential to build legions with your strongest beast which can support your warriors for you to successfully hunt the most dangerous monsters of Nicah. Note that the combined stength of your warriors influences the hunts available to your legion and the success rate of each hunt as well. You can execute beasts the same way how you execute your warriors. Beasts also come in various types. Each type has a corresponding capacity of warriors it can support.

6 Types of Beasts:

Centaur (1 capacity)

Barghest (2 capacity)

Crypto Legions Barghest Beast

Pegasus (3 capacity)

Crypto Legions Pegasus Beast

Griffin (4 capacity)

Dragon (5 capacity)

Phoenix (20 capacity)

The following are the probabilities of summoning each beast type:

Probability of summoning each beast type
Image Source: Crypto Legions

Once you have summoned your warriors and beasts, it’s time to form your strong legion!


Warriors and beasts may be joined to form legions by clicking the ‘Create legion’ button on the dashboard or the legions page. Add your warriors and beasts inside the legion by clicking on the warriors and beasts of your choice. You can put a maximum of 10 beasts in your legion.


It’s impossible to disband legions and remove warriors and beasts from a legion. So be careful when forming your legion!

Hunting supplies are needed for legions to hunt daily. These supplies must be acquired for each warrior in your legion and can be purchased for a minimum of 7 hunts, 14 hunts, or 28 hunts. When your hunting supplies run out, you must replenish them. These hunting supplies are paid in $BLOODSTONE. The training to create the legion costs 0.5 USD for every warrior and/or beast that is added. While the cost of hunting supplies is 1 USD every hunt for each warrior, with a significant discount if you purchase supplies for many hunts at once. To buy hunting supplies for your legion, go to the Legions’ page and click on the “0H” in the top right corner of your legion.

Legions can be executed too! Executing legions will return a percentage of the attack power’s value to the player in $BLOODSTONE. To do this, just click the “execute” button when you are no longer satisfied with its prospective rewards in the form of an X.

The amount you earn in $BLOODSTONE for executing legions is determined on their assault power:
If the legion’s AP (= attack power) is greater than 20,000, divide the AP amount in USD (paid in $BLOODSTONE) by 200.
Between 10,000 and 20,000 AP = AP / 300
Between 5,000 and 10,000 AP = AP / 500
AP below 5,000 = 0

Once that you have secured your legions and hunting supplies, it’s time to start hunting!

Hunting monsters

Hunting monsters page

To start hunting monsters, go to the Hunt menu and attack the strongest monster your legion’s attack power enables you to. According on your luck and chances of defeating the monster, you will potentially earn a quantity of $BLOODSTONE, which will be added to your unclaimed wallet.

When the unclaimed tax has reached 0% after 20 days, click unclaimed wallet and then Claim to transfer the $BLOODSTONE amount you won from the unclaimed wallet into your $BLOODSTONE wallet or reinvest it. You can claim before the tax is 0%, but you will be taxed at the rate specified when you click the Claim button.

Earning more $BLOODSTONE in your wallet will allow you to play more and progress in the game. To attack more strong monsters and gain more $BLOODSTONE, you can summon or purchase additional warriors and beasts. You can also opt to withdraw your earnings from the game after exchanging your earned $BLOODSTONE for any currency.

Reward System

In the unclaimed rewards wallet, rewards are maintained at a USD value. These rewards can then be exchanged for $BLOODSTONE. To do this, simply click the Claim button at the top right of the screen to exchange your unclaimed USD into $BLOODSTONE.

As a guide, the table below shows the probabilities of winning and the corresponding rewards.

Image source: Crypto Legions

If you have any further questions about the Crypto Legions Gameplay, it is suggested that you communicate with their team via Discord and Twitter.

About Crypto Legions

Crypto Legions is a mythical play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain. The Crypto Legions Gameplay revolves around building strong legions of warriors and beasts to hunt the most dangerous monsters on the planet Nicah in the Kolb galaxy.

Crypto Legions makes use of Smart Claim System where they feature “Samaritan Stars”. This means that the higher your Reinvest Percentage, the more Samaritan Stars you will have. These Samaritan Stars will cause you to have a lower Claim Tax and Reinvest Tax. On the other hand, the more a player cashes out, the fewer Samaritan Stars he will have, and the more he will be taxed. Those taxes, of course, contribute to boosting the economy. This system will encourage users to support the game economy to earn more benefits.

To learn more about Crypto Legions economy, click here.