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Deadrop Snapshot V and Tower Keys are Here!


Midnight Society has released the Tower Key Pre-Alpha Access, a new exclusive access pass that enables players to play the upcoming AAA game, Deadrop. The Tower Key grants several perks, so make sure not to miss this one!

Benefits of the Tower Key Access Pass

The Tower Key Access Pass offers several benefits, like:

  • Early access to Snapshot V
  • Exclusive cosmetics for early-access players
  • Season 0 Battle Pass
  • Invites to special gameplay events
  • A limited edition hideout item
  • Exclusive streaming rights
  • A unique Claw ID.

Players can purchase the Tower Key Access Pass for $25 on the studio’s website.


Only one Tower Key Access Pass is available per account.

Benefits for Tower Key Access Players

What’s included in Snapshot V?

Snapshot V takes players inside Sector 3: Cold Storage, where the temperature regulators will go offline, forcing a shutdown. All players will need to find an extraction point before the Rising Freeze reaches them or fight it out at the end to be the last player standing and winning The Deadrop. The Tower Key pre-alpha access pass also grants players access to the current Deadrop Snapshot via PC immediately, as well as the exclusive Deep Freeze weapon pack skins.

Updates and Features in Snapshot V

Snapshot V has brought several updates and features to the game. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

Hideout under Construction

The physical location of the Hideout, including the firing ranges, weapons bench, armory, and physical garage, is under construction and will not be accessible in Snapshot V. However, the functionality of these locations remains in the loadout screen.

Refiner State Opened

The Refiner State has opened, giving players access to the first of seven sectors: SECTOR 3 – COLD STORAGE. This sector represents the processing, packing, and shipment facilities for SPACE DUST refined in the tower. During a match, the temperature regulators in Sector 3 go offline, forcing a shutdown. All players will need to find an extraction point before the Rising Freeze reaches them or fight it out at the end to be the last player standing and win The Deadrop.

Sector 3 Cold Storage in Deadrop
Image source: Midnight Society

Main Menu Updates

The main menu has been updated to feature the official DEADROP theme song composed by Edouard Brenneisen.


The latest update also introduces VisorCortex for Variants, which now can be displayed on their face shields and worn with all combat helmets. If a player doesn’t have a helmet equipped, the VisorCortex will be displayed on their standard Variant face shield.

Additionally, upon killing a Variant, players can loot their ID Tag from their Deathbag, which can be kept in their own Stash for tracking their kills. However, it’s important to note that the ID Tag doesn’t grant access to the VisorCortex, which is exclusive to the respective Variant.

Auto-assigned Color Combination

To allow for easier identification between Variant and Claw players alike, each player will be auto-assigned a color combination for their outfit and gear. The player’s color will change each time they enter the tower and is not persistent.

Persistent Inventory with Cloud Saving

To enhance player experience, the game now features persistent inventory that is saved on the cloud and validated by the server. However, there will be periodic wipes of the stash for testing purposes, and the first wipe will take place upon downloading the snapshot and logging in for the first time. Future wipes will be communicated in advance, but certain items like collectibles may eventually be protected from wipes.

Armor System with Tiers

Players can now discover and equip helmets and chest armor! The armor system features three tiers of protection, each providing a damage reduction to the respective area of the body that it protects.

Tier 1, also known as Light armor, offers a 20% damage reduction to the affected area. Tier 2, or Medium armor, provides a 40% damage reduction, while Tier 3, also known as Heavy armor, delivers a significant 50% reduction in damage to the affected area.

Visual Upgrades and Legendary Skins

The DMR, Assault Rifle, SMG, Semi Pistol, Sniper, and Pump Shotgun have received visual upgrades, along with Lazer Sights, 2x HOLO-1 Optic, 3x REFLEX-1 Optic, 4x PTS-1 Optic, DMR Stock, Sniper Stock, Rifle Extended Mags, and Weapon Mod Chips for the same weapons. The SMG, Assault Rifle, and Pump Shotgun have each received the first legendary skin collection as part of the Deep Freeze Collection. The weapon mod can be attached to all weapon classes.

Damage Sound Effects

Every time a player is hit by enemy fire there will be a sound effect. The same when in contact with the freeze. This will allow players to react faster to any dangerous situation. Medical stations have received a visual and audio upgrade and can be used to heal.


Players can now use the newly added Smoke Grenade, which generates a temporary smokescreen to obstruct the view of opponents. Additionally, players can use the Bandage, a new healing consumable that restores 20 HP per use and requires 2 seconds to apply. These items can be essential tools for players looking to gain an advantage in combat or heal themselves after taking damage.

Match Time and Player Count

The match time has been increased to 18 minutes, and the player count per match has increased to 36.

SYN Infiltration

Upon death, a player will be able to infiltrate the tower during the same session with their SYN and attempt to avenge their death, reclaim their loot, and have another chance to extract. Every player has two SYNs at their disposal which can be deployed up until the final extraction phase has begun. Once the final extraction has started, SYN deployment will be disabled regardless of the number remaining.

Updates to Extraction Points

The update also includes new extraction points, which offer players additional ways to extract during the Sector Shutdown. The Chopper Extract is located at the Helipad in the control section of the Sector and can be used to extract during the Sector Shutdown. The Zipline Extract leads outside the Sector and can also be used to extract during the Sector Shutdown.’


Looting has been simplified in the latest update. Players can now easily move items by clicking on them and they will automatically sort themselves in the player’s backpack based on weight. Armor and equipment can be auto-equipped by clicking and holding them.

Drag and drop functionality has also been added to allow for quick swapping of similar items between loot containers and backpacks. In addition, players can now drop items on the ground or delete them from their stash, which now has a capacity of 1,000 slots.

Weapon Customization

Customized weapon in Deadrop
Image source: Midnight Society

Weapon customization has also been improved. Players can now easily customize their loadout by dragging and dropping attachments onto their weapons mid-match, but once applied, they cannot be removed until the match ends. While in the Hideout, players have greater control over customizing their weapons and can easily add or remove attachments.

Movement Updates

Movement updates have also been implemented. Players can now lean while aiming down the sights (ADS), allowing them to peek around corners without exposing themselves to enemy fire. Ledge hanging has also been improved, while the ability to vault and use ziplines has been removed.

Upgraded Engine

DEADROP now runs on Unreal Engine 5.1, which has improved visual features such as Lumen, Nanite, and Virtual Shadow Mapping.

Improved Controller

The support for controllers has been significantly enhanced and is now on par with that of the mouse and keyboard. In addition, button mapping details are readily accessible in the options menu.

Variety of Players

Get ready to choose your side in the battle for supremacy! Meet the two player classes: Variants and Claws! Variants come packed with VisorCortex and rock sleek Variant hoodies and shirts, while Claws sport classic helmets and Claw tees. But here’s the kicker: only Variants get to flaunt their collectible Variant ID Tag. Plus, the art status is now top-notch “Proxy Plus,” specifically designed to enhance your gameplay experience.

Founder Access Pass: Benefits and Criteria

Founders are the holders of one of the Founder Pass NFTs of Deadrop. Founder Access holders will receive a lot of benefits in the ecosystem:

  • A one-of-a-kind VisorCortex design as part of their unique Variant
  • Early access builds to playtest the game
  • Exclusive rights to create Deadrop digital content
  • Early access to Industry Guilds when they open
  • Voting rights in dev round tables
  • Invites to in-person community events
  • Exclusive merch drops with Founder-only designs

There will only ever be 10,000 Founder Access holders.

What is Deadrop?

Deadrop is a free-to-play first-person Vertical Extraction Shooter game set in a dark and violent future where the 80s never ended. The game features a player hideout, looting, and fighting or evading through seven unique sectors of the Refiner State tower. The objective is to find an extraction point before other raiders or fight to be the last remaining Claw. Success comes from extraction via various means, and players can cooperate to extract everything in their bags or compete for a mega loot bag, “The Deadrop.”

Got some questions? Midnight Society has a very active community in Discord that can help with your answers. Join now and start your journey in Deadrop!

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