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Eternal Dragons Alpha Game Testing is Coming Soon!


Who wouldn’t want to play a game where they could battle, breed, heal, and raise dragons while collecting exciting rewards? You will be able to enjoy those things in this Solana blockchain game! Eternal Dragons will soon begin Alpha game testing. Don’t worry, you’re still in time to join in and learn about this game.

What is Eternal Dragons?

Eternal Dragons is an epic fantasy franchise of multiple games with shared NFTs that runs on Solana blockchain. The game is created by Trailblazer Games which is a Web3-native game studio founded by entrepreneurs and seasoned gaming industry experts with expertise in establishing large-scale and sustainable free-to-play economies from companies like King, EA, and Microsoft.

The franchise’s current installments are as follows:

Eternal Dragons current franchise installments
Image source: Eternal Dragons
  1. Genesis Dragons NFT Sale
  2. Prologue: Breeding game
  3. Chapter 1: Strife 
  4. Chapter 2: House of Dragons 
  5. Chapter 3: War of Kings

Note: Strife, House of Dragons, and War of Kings are working titles.

Genesis Dragons NFT

Holding an Eternal Dragons NFT will give you incredible perks! Aside from early access to the first game released later this year, it will also provide you with long-term benefits across all the games and the entire ecosystem.

Some of the unique benefits and capabilities of the Genesis Eternal Dragons NFTs are:

  • Unique and uncommon characteristics with a distinct look, Eternal genes that cannot be inherited and hence are unique only to the first generation of Eternal Dragons.
  • Some unique in-game abilities and greater strength.
  • Breeding revenue potential is uncapped.
  • They will passively receive Eternium from their descendants

Of course, as Eternal Dragon NFT holders, you will have a special standing in the community and get special perks:

  • Item Airdrops – Prior to the release of the breeding game, NFT holders will get Eggs through an airdrop.
  • Token Airdrops – NFT holders will also get Eternium airdrops, the utility token necessary for breeding.
  • Pre-sale access to future NFTs in the Eternal Dragons series, as well as the $EDQ token.
  • Early access to Eternal Dragons: Chapter One: Strife.
  • Access to developer-only Discord channels.
  • Possibility of providing direct feedback on development as well as participating in the creation and growth of the Eternal Dragons universe.

Graphics and description for each Eternal Dragons chapter

Chapter 1: Strife

Eternal Dragons Chapter 1 Strife mobile game graphics
Image source: Eternal Dragons

Chapter1: Strife’s fundamental gameplay is centered on exciting and engaging gameplay with an established track record in auto chess and similar auto battler games. In this game, the player is matched against other players in the arena, or against a group of NPC heroes or bosses in PvE mode. Each battle is fought by the player, who places units from a team roster on the battlefield by using activity point costs.

Chapter 2: House of Dragons

Eternal Dragons Concept image of Game 2
Concept image of Game 2
Image source: Eternal Dragons

The blooming new civilizations emerging from the ashes of the elders, fueled by the re-emergence of the powerful Dragons and the harnessing of Eternium, will be the focus of Chapter 2: House of Dragons. Players will be able to utilize their hard-won resources from Chapter 1: Strife in a new setting, with new challenges, civilizations, and alliances to build.

Chapter 3: War of Kings

Eternal Dragons Concept image of Game 3
Concept image of Game 3
Image source: Eternal Dragons

Chapter 3: War of Kings sets previously formed alliances against one another in a 4X setting, throwing them against each other in the hunt for answers and the war for power. Heroes will lead armies into war, and each player will command many armies that will journey over the world in pursuit of the answers to what initially happened to the Eternal Dragons, and why they reappeared. Players can demonstrate their mettle in battle as well as their prowess with the help of hero skins, mounts, or familiars.

Tokenomics and Economics

The ecosystem will have two tokens. Eternium is the in-game token and $EDQ is the governance token.

Eternium is the primary resource that drives the universe of Eternal Dragons. It can be used for almost anything in the game. Eternium can be used for Breeding Dragons, Leveling up your Dragons, Healing units, Entry fees for competitions, and In-game rewards. $EDQ is a fixed supply token that will be used for revenue distribution and will grant holders voting power over certain aspects of the games and ecosystem. 

The team is developing a free-to-play game in order to attract those who are inexperienced with cryptocurrency. They will then use Eternium to pay for in-game actions. That is how value is created, similar to popular mobile games CandyCrush and Clash of Clans. With the free-to-play method with mini-transactions, the team is developing a sustainable paradigm that is not dependent on ponzinomics.

The majority of the direct play-to-earn value produced in the Eternal Dragons ecosystem is projected to come from Eternium, which is directly integrated into the game economy. The team intends to distribute the value created among the community, developers, and investors. They want to achieve this through an innovative stakeless system in which $EDQ-holders will be able to get rewards just by holding the $EDQ-token. Through this system, $EDQ holders would be rewarded on a regular basis with network tokens such as $SOL, earned by the DAO.

To have a further understanding of the game before it begins beta testing, let’s look at what the team has accomplished so far, what is still being worked on, and other specifics regarding the upcoming alpha testing.

What has been accomplished so far?

To begin with, the Eternal Dragons team has already created an entirely new and exciting IP based on the game’s tale. To kick the franchise off, they developed a completely new Web3-meta with their innovative NFT sale in ten batches.  This approach turned out to be extremely successful and highly appreciated.  They also established an incredibly strong, engaged, and committed community through an iterative approach and a passion for quality, as seen by the fantastic Eternal Dragons Convention #EDConBerlin. This physical meetup significantly exceeded all of the team’s expectations, showing the community’s great commitment to the project.

Things that are still being worked on before the Alpha Game Test launch

The developers of Eternal Dragons are mindful of the need for iterative game development. This entails concentrating on thin product slices, then testing and iterating to improve until the team is satisfied before moving on to the next slice.

The team has recently been heavily iterating on the core battle loop. The goal is to achieve a balance between best-in-class free-to-play accessibility and onboarding and Esports 2.0. As a result, their current focus is on putting these systems in place so that they can get relevant feedback on this core experience and continue to develop a few really exciting game modes based on it. However, based on the first feedback and data, the first Alpha Playtest is not planned to include a very refined onboarding UX or tutorialization, since it is the type of system the team wants to develop based on the collected feedback.

Meanwhile, the team is developing the content, such as the units to be used, as well as a lot of infrastructure and analytics, that are required for data gathering throughout any testing phase. After the first playtest, this data is crucial for iterating and improving the game.

Is there a set date for the Alpha’s release?

As noted previously, the team’s iterative approach and focus on quality pose a challenge to giving specific dates too early because they only advance to a new phase after validating their hypothesis to gain confidence in the set direction. Before making any major announcements about the Alpha Playtest, the team will need to test one or two hypotheses more. But suffice it to say that Eternal Dragons is not far from providing their Genesis Dragons NFT holders with their first playable experience. Rest assured, the team is working hard on something incredible, and once the announcement is made, they will proceed quickly to the next testing phase.

Do you find Eternal Dragons interesting? Make sure to engage in their community and follow them on social media.

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