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Farsite’s Pre-Orders to Pre-Alpha


Farsite, an up-and-coming NFT-based space MMO game, started accepting pre-orders for their upcoming launch! The launch paves the way for their pre-alpha phase later this month. And from there, the full launch, which is presumed to take place in 2022.

Farsite Preorder

The pre-order allowed players to purchase four different types of crates:

  • Ceres Crates: Common drops. There are no guaranteed ships or modules, unlimited in number as long as the phase continues. Recommended for those coming within the game on a tight budget – 0.05 ETH/~$200/~P10,000 as priced within the game’s store.
  • Deimos Crate: approximately equivalent to rare drops. Guaranteed common ship and module. Around 90% out of 2000 allotted crates are left at the time of writing. Intended for people who want to play the game and have some money to pay for it. 0.15 ETH/~$600/~P30,000 is the price tag for this one!
  • Ganymede Crate: offers the “best bang for the buck”; this crate is for both NFT enthusiasts and MMO lovers on a relatively small budget. It appears that there are no more crates available at this moment; as of December 4, less than 15% out of 500 allotted crates were available at the store. It was originally priced at 0.35 ETH/~$1400/~P70,000.
  • Sacura Crate: if you have the money, if you love NFTs, and if you are a fan of games like Eve Online and Stellaris then go for it. It has everything, from high-tier blueprints to hulls to modules, and a lot more! Priced at 1 ETH/~$4000/~P200,000 – this just showed that would-be investors and players found great interest, potential, and value in this game!

What Has Happened So Far During This Phase of Pre-Orders?

Within four hours, the highest class of crates had sold out. Similar to the demand that occurred during the previous round of pre-orders that allowed players to buy “sectors” (analogous to Axie’s “land”) earlier this year.

Given that ETH has been going down at the moment, it’s safe to say that it’s still early days to get into the game. After all, if we consider the pattern of games like Axie Infinity and Pegasus Galaxy, it would be much harder to get within the game in the foreseeable future. 

This is not to mention that there are discounts available for buying more than one crate… and even larger discounts for those who buy in bulk (which is especially useful for gaming guilds ).

Furthermore, a cursory examination of the after-market sales for Farsite’s items would reveal that they have been sold “second-hand” for at least two or three times above their original price, on average.

What Will Happen During the Pre-Alpha?

Presumably, players will be able to start using all the ships and equipment that they have collected during the airdrop collection phase. Apart from the raffled chests, each milestone allows you to have a better starter kit, ranging from better weapons to stronger “starter” ships. 

In addition, expectations are that the airdrop campaign for the game will finish around that time. It would be safe to say that late “free-to-play” adopters of the game would have less to work with.

During the pre-alpha, players will be able to explore new systems, fly ships, visit planets, and test the game’s basic features. It’s now clear that Farsite is moving from a proof of concept into a more active and fleshed-out game.


One thing is clear: we’ll certainly be looking forward to Farsite’s pre-alpha release on December 14! For more leaks, news, and tutorials, always check in at and follow us on social media.