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Some of us might have heard about the Avalanche before. It’s a blockchain platform home to several play-to-earn and NFT games. 

And right now, it seems something exciting is brewing in the Avalanche space. It’s come to our attention that a new project strives to bring an AAA experience to the platform: Imperium Empires. Carrying with it a new twist on the P2E and NFT gaming mechanics that we are all too familiar with.

Have you ever heard of “Team to Earn”? If this is the first time hearing this term, then let’s dive into the article as we find out about the game that promises to redefine the play-to-earn experience as we know it!

Imperium Empires: Shaking up the House

As a space exploration/empire-building/real-time tactics/multi-dimensional warfare game, Imperium Empires wants to produce a game with a genre mix of EVE, Stellaris, and other action space titles that focus on building coalitions and networks with other people. One of their overarching goals here is to produce a thriving play-to-earn community in the process.

The developers even described three zones where players can earn depending on the risks that they want to assume: 

  1. Safe zones let players earn a little bit while doing it in a risk-free environment, while; 
  2. Combat zones give players the chance to gain some NFTs and earn more while risking permanent component damage to their ships, and finally;
  3. War zones are like the wild west. Greater NFT and earnings odds. However, the risk is higher as well. In War Zone, it’s possible to permanently lose your spaceships outright!

Going into the team-to-earn concept, players are encouraged to play with their friends and create guilds. Akin to corporations in EVE Online! Imperium Empires places a huge emphasis on this aspect, as it wants to be the game that would redefine how multiplayer titles work on the blockchain.

While one can certainly play this game solo, it’s clear that players would have to band together and negotiate differences… or settle them through brute force if they want to go far in this game.

What are the modes in this game?

Imperium Empires


There is a PVE mode where players earn through mining, a PVP mode based on space combat and territorial control, and multiple other modes that allow people to participate in the game’s play-to-earn ecosystem through other ancillary methods.

What’s happening in the game right now?

As with many projects out there in the P2E and NFT gaming spaces this 2022, there’s no actual build for Imperium Empires just yet. To give a comparison, Farsite already has a Pre-Alpha build in place.

The sale of NFTs for Imperium Empires is now live on the website, with the following rates to date:

  • Common Ship NFT (300 Base Power): 625 IME (~$19)
  • Rare Ship NFT (500 Base Power): 9,975 IME (~$298)
  • Ultra Rare Ship NFT (700 Base Power): 30,000 IME (~$894)
  • Supreme Ship NFT (1800 Base Power): 92,000 IME (~$2741)

One can easily see there’s a relatively low entry barrier to Imperium Empires compared to other prominent NFT gaming titles with similar vibes/feel.

Imperium Empires NFT Sale

Imperium Empires Common NFT Spaceship Exemplar. Source:

We could also infer that the Common Ship would serve as a starter for the general population. Alongside this, the Rare Ship would serve as a more mature platform and the minimum standard for competitive guilds out there. Meanwhile, an Ultra Rare Ship could be used as a more specialized platform and a “general” capital ship in space warfare. At the same time, the Supreme Ship would serve as the ultimate power-projection platform akin to aircraft carriers in our world today.

Since they plan to have a deflationary economic system (plus a permanent way to lose ships through combat), it’d be interesting to see how the value and demand for these assets develop in time. 

Who’s behind this project?

Upon a quick search of the names on Google, some of their public social media and professional websites come up; this, it can be said that the developers have a public identity to speak of. While this may not ensure the game’s viability by any means, this shows that the developers want to cultivate an atmosphere of trust among their user base.

What is the social media presence of the project?

The social media presence for Imperium Empires is pretty customary for a project of this size at this point. They have a Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Reddit, Instagram, Discord, and YouTube handle. It won’t be a surprise if they also get a TikTok and a possible Wiki along with specific language-focused social media handles, given the interest surrounding the project.

Who’s supporting the project?

There is a metric ton of big-time investors and strategic partners who have placed their trust in this project. Paramount Capital, MC Ventures, and Keychain Capital are just some of the 17 entities that have thrown their time and resources behind this game.

Final Thoughts on Imperium Empires

It is a massive project, to say the least.

Obviously, this means that there are many challenges that the developers would face in the execution of this project, considering both their aspirations and the nature of the game genre itself.

Still, given the pedigree of the developers of Imperium Empires, we could be seeing some big action pretty soon.

Here’s a question: would you make the jump to Avalanche? Do you think that this project is worthwhile?

Regardless of the answer, we here at P2E News hope that the project is able to deliver on its promises and provide the best form of the project to its user base. After all, a thriving P2E gaming space is a win-win proposition for everyone!


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