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Is This The Next Big Play-To-Earn Card Strategy Game?



This article was published on July 20, 2021. Please keep in mind that some of the data in this article may be outdated as of today.

What is SkyWeaver?

SkyWeaver is a blockchain-powered free-to-play Trading Card Game, which means you have true ownership of your digital cards. In the game, you earn new cards, which you can play with or trade by winning battles and ascending the Skyweaver ranks.

The private beta for Skyweaver launched on April 22, 2021. According to Horizon Blockchain Games, this major update is the last one of the Final Testing Phase.

SkyWeaver is launched and developed on Arcadeum, a platform for indie developers to launch their own games. Horizon, the game developer, has raised $3.75 million from investors, led by Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s venture fund, Initialized. SkyWeaver and Arcadeum work with and are united by blockchain technology.

How much does it cost to play?

Since the game is free to play, players will be able to build their own decks for free to avoid artificial scarcity. Players can purchase cards from different categories and other users if they want to collect more to experiment with new decks. Horizon aims to sell each card for about $1. Kieltyka estimates that building a top deck would not exceed $20, which is a better deal than some other big games in the same genre.

When will be the full game release?

Before the Open Beta, the team is finalizing two brand new features. These are the Smart Wallet, to enhance player security and enable account recovery, and Conquest, a tournament game mode where players can win trophy Gold cards.

The date of the full game release is not yet stated by the team. However, view the roadmap below to see what’s happening in terms of phases and resets before Open Beta:

Roadmap SkyWeaver
Source: SkyWeaver

How does the gameplay work?

The following is a detailed structure of a turn:

At the start of your turn, you will:

  1. Draw a new card from your deck
  2. Gain +1 Maximum Mana.
  3. Refill your Mana up to its maximum.

After you’ve drawn your card and gained your Mana for the turn, you can do any of the following:

  1. Play Units from your hand (as long as you can pay its mana cost).
  2. Play Spells from your hand (as long as you can pay its mana cost).
  3. Play Spells attached to your Hero and/or Units – some characters come with spells attached. You can use these any time you have Mana to pay for them.
  4. Attack with your hero and any “Ready” Units you have – Note that units need a turn to get “Ready” and usually cannot attack the turn they are played.
  5. End your turn – This passes the play back to your opponent. Make sure you’ve played anything you want to and made all attacks you wish to before ending. If there’s no action left for you to take, the End Turn button will glow and a sound will play to inform you that you won’t lose anything by passing.
Skyweaver Gameplay
Source: SkyWeaver

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