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33+ Metaverse Memes That (Almost) Make Mark Zuckerberg Laugh

Metaverse Memes

Ever heard of the metaverse? Many of us have been introduced to this metaverse concept through popular medium such as movies like Ready Player One, or video games such as Roblox. The metaverse is essentially a virtual iteration of the world we are living in and this can be made possible through developments such as VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

Now, you might be asking the question, “Is the metaverse really that important?” Yes, it is. The metaverse brings us new ways to interact with other people, new business opportunities, new frontiers for advertising and marketing, simpler transactions, and much mure…

Throughout the years, an increasing number of companies and industries are beginning their developments of their own metaverse. One good example for this is the casino industry. According to https://casinosblockchain.io/, around 1/3 of the metaverse traffic currently comes from the gambling community. The industry has been growing alongside cryptocurrency, blockchain, and NFTs within the past couple of years and it is not a surprise that the casino industry is well within the metaverse idea as well.

To understand more about the metaverse and how its development is currently going right now for some companies, we compiled the best metaverse memes related to Facebook, Roblox, and others. Enjoy and have some laughs!

Facebook Metaverse Memes

I am sure you have heard of Mark Zuckerberg changing the name of Facebook to Meta and prioritizing developments of his metaverse product. In this section, we compiled the best and funniest metaverse memes from Facebook (or should I say Meta? My bad Mark!).

Mark Zuckerberg Solving Facebook’s Problems

Mark Zuckerberg Solving Facebook's Problems

Mark Zuckerberg changing the name of Facebook to Meta amidst a lot of Facebook’s issues.

Facebook’s Mask

Facebook being revealed to be under the mask of Meta.

It’s crazy to think that the future generation would never find out what Facebook is. In reality, if we uncover the mask of the name “Meta”, it is just the good old Facebook that we know!

We are Called Meta Now

Mark Zuckerberg ignoring issues and allegations by changing Facebook's name to Meta.

Mark Zuckerberg ignoring the social issues that Facebook is facing right now just because he changed the company’s name to “Meta”. Is that really how that works, Mark?

Back in the Days

Old version of us telling youngsters about Facebook.

Probably us in a few years or decades telling the young ones about the tales of the good old Facebook.

Meta Online

Logging out from the Metaverse just like in Sword Art Online.

This meme’s reference is Sword Art Online, a hit anime series wherein the users of this certain video game got trapped within its newly-released metaverse and the only way out is… death. This meme related the case of Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse with this and showed what logging out of the metaverse could look like in the future.

No One Wants Meta

Drake meme template not wanting Facebook and Meta.

The classic Drake meme template but this time, he’s saying no to both panels. Not even Meta can save Facebook from the people!

Surfing the Metaverse Be Like

Mark Zuckerberg with a heavily-edited white face surfing just like surfing the metaverse.

Mark Zuckerberg with a most-probably-edited face surfing just like surfing the metaverse. Where did you get this photo, guys?

It is Going to Look Like Ready Player One Right? …right?

What they want you to think the metaverse is vs what it actually is.

If you haven’t seen the movie on the left, go ahead and watch it. It’s called Ready Player One and it’s amazing! It shows how we will see the future of the world with a fully-developed metaverse system. This meme is not about that though because it shows that the future might be a little bit sad and pale with Meta.

Facebook Awarding Meta

Facebook awarding Meta its medal.

Facebook awarding Meta a medal is just like Facebook giving an award to itself.

How Do We Change It Back?

Our parents about to be like "My Facebook says Meta, how do I change it back?"

Our parents about to be like “My Facebook says Meta, how do I change it back?” The older generations must be so confused with the recent changes of Facebook. I’m sorry Mom, you might have to get used to that for the coming years!

Facebook Name Change

Mark Zuckerberg changing Facebook's name to Meta instead of dealing with Facebook issues.

Mark Zuckerberg choosing to change the name of Facebook to Meta instead of fixing the current issues that Facebook is facing.

Facebook Hiding Behind Meta

Fake grocery images hiding nothing behind them just like Meta hiding Facebook behind its name.

Fake grocery images hiding nothing behind them just like Meta hiding Facebook behind its name.

Roblox Metaverse Memes

I know you are tired seeing Facebook or Meta memes so we also included another metaverse community that you might be familiar with! Roblox is one of the earliest and most popular metaverse community currently. Here, we also compiled Roblox metaverse memes for you to enjoy!

Chat Censorship in Roblox

Curses and swears in Roblox chat getting censored.

We don’t do that here (or we can’t)! Cursing in the Roblox chat gets you censored in the chat messaging system.

There’s a Glitch in the System

A chair glitching and clipping through the table.

The meme shows a chair glitching and clipping through the table behind it. Referencing a glitch to the metaverse! But wait, how did that happen in real life?

How to Get Roblox Account Back?

Google search saying "How to get free robux" at 8:32 PM then, at 8:43 PM, another google search that says "How to get roblox account back"

Searching “How to get free robux?” in Google then, 10 minutes later, searching “How to get roblox account back?” Sorry buddy, it seems that you got hacked. Be careful next time please!

Speech 100

Four pictures showing how players get around the chat censorship system in Roblox.

The meme shows how “creative” the Roblox community can be just to bypass the chat censorship system and express what they truly want to say.

Finding Roblox Girlfriend

Picture showing a person finding his Minecraft girlfriend in real life while Roblox players find it impossible to find a Roblox girlfriend.

It shows that it is possible to meet a real Minecraft girlfriend (Yes. Not a man!) just like the people in the above panel. But, it seems like it’s the other way around for the Roblox community.

Roblox Community Be Like

Buzz Lightyear figurines on the shelf looking exactly like each other just like the whole Roblox community.

Roblox metaverse community is similar to a shelf full of Buzz Lightyears who are exactly similar with each other.

Roblox Crossroads Bridge

What if we kissed under Roblox Crossroads Bridge

What if we kissed under the Roblox crossroads bridge? Oh, how romantic…

Who Got Roblox for Xbox?

Roblox for Xbox deep underwater with no signs of life.

It seems like mostly everyone is playing Roblox on PC and some on mobile, but how about Xbox? Anyone out there playing Roblox on Xbox? Hello? Anyone?

Roblox Worst Game Ever

Patrick saying that Roblox is the worst game ever while Spongebob tries to prove him wrong.

Patrick saying that Roblox is the worst game ever and SpongeBob telling him why he’s wrong because of the following reasons:

  • Free-to-play
  • You can create your own avatar
  • Can be a social media alternative
  • You can make clothing
  • You can make your own game
  • You can make real money if you make something!

Free Robux Scams

Free Robux scams be like: You Lost Your Account

Free Robux scams be like: “You lost your account!” through an Xbox Achievement Unlocked popup. Be careful of scams. There are no free Robux!

Nice Game You Got There Bro

Flexing your game creation's visiting stats and earnings while hiding its true nature.

My game has 3M visits and has gained over 100K Robux! (But it’s called “Ride a Cart Into SpongeBob’s Mouth)

Roblox Icon Evolution

The black square at the middle of the Roblox square icon getting larger and larger through the years until it swallows the whole screen.

The inner dark square of the Roblox logo is getting larger and larger through the years. Hopefully it won’t eat the whole screen.

Playing Roblox with 9 Year Olds

9 year olds playing Roblox with random adults trolling them.

Some random adults trolling the 9 year olds playing Roblox.

More Metaverse Memes (Thanks, Reddit)

BONUS MEMES! If you reached here, we compiled a bonus collection of more metaverse memes. Thanks to Reddit, we got more metaverse memes to smile at. Enjoy!

Metaverse Ads

Metaverse ads covers the entirety of the metaverse screen.

This meme shows how the metaverse could just be flooded with ads and popups. Ugh!

The Future is Bright

The bright future of humanity according to the movie, Wall-E.

If the metaverse gets fully developed, let’s not become these people in the Wall-E universe please. A friendly reminder to go touch some grass!

I Own Land in the Metaverse

A dad with a VR console showing his son their land in the metaverse even though the son cannot see it.

A dad showing his son the land he owns in the metaverse even though the son cannot see it in real life. That’s just a blank plain wall, Dad.

Metaverse Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality in the Metaverse

The metaverse expectations vs reality. This meme’s reference is from the Ready Player One movie! Looks like the future community looks sad and pale because everything would be online.

Talking About Metaverse

Me listening to people talking about what metaverse is like

Listening to people talking about what the metaverse is like is kind of fun, don’t you think? The future is bright!

Metaverse Shopping Experience

Average metaverse shopping experience

Average metaverse shopping experience being shown with a glitch in the system and a vase clipping through the market shelf. Oh, wow!

Me in the Metaverse

Being at school vs being in the metaverse

When you are at school vs when you are at the metaverse. So fancy! I hope to meet you in the metaverse!

Plankton Eating Metaverse Food

Plankton eating an imaginary food.

Plankton from the SpongeBob series seen in one episode eating an imaginary food. Hopefully this is not what the metaverse experience would be. I want some real sandwich!

Metaverse: Online Birth and Death

Online Birth and Death Done Here poster.

Online birth and death services, how does that work? Is this the metaverse we signed up for?

Getting Married in the Metaverse

A man getting married through his VR device in the metaverse.

Getting married through a VR headset in the metaverse. Awww! Also, this could be a man viewing wonderful memories with his wife! The metaverse has some benefits, after all.

Final Thoughts

The metaverse is growing fast, whether we like it or not. Surely there will be failures and rough patches but we will get there! One day, it will all be polished and we can see the wonders it can give us!

I hope we see more improvements with the metaverse developments in the coming years. Thank you for viewing our collection of metaverse memes and do not forget to share with your friends! We hope that we can meet you guys in the metaverse!