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$MYRIA Token Launch and $20k Airdrop Announced!


Myria, the leading Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, gears up for the launch of its native token, $MYRIA. This upcoming launch will unlock a whole new world of in-game utility and benefits for token holders, setting the stage for a groundbreaking Web3 gaming experience.

$MYRIA Utility

As the native token of Myria, $MYRIA will provide a wide range of utilities to its holders, encouraging them to participate in the growth and development of the Myria ecosystem. In this section, we will explore the various utilities of the MYRIA token.

Nodes and Rewards

The nodes of Myria play a crucial role in ensuring the infrastructure and security of the protocol. By owning nodes, individuals can help maintain the network, contribute to the governance and decentralization of the Myria ecosystem, and earn rewards in the form of MYRIA tokens.


Another utility of the MYRIA token is staking. MYRIA token holders can earn rewards in MYRIA by staking their tokens. This feature not only incentivizes users to hold and participate in the Myria ecosystem but also enhances the token’s value by promoting demand for it.

Protocol Fee

MYRIA tokens will be used to pay a percentage of the protocol fees for each transaction on Myria.


MYRIA token holders who believe in Myria’s vision and ambition to create genuine ownership and real economies in Web3 gaming can participate in governance. By staking MYRIA tokens, they can secure voting rights to decide on the Myria ecosystem’s strategic direction in a democratic manner.

Additional In-Game Utility

The MYRIA token offers added in-game utility for users playing selected games on the Myria platform. By using their MYRIA tokens, they can access exclusive features within those games, driving further demand for the token.

Exclusive NFT Purchases

After the MYRIA token’s launch, Myria Studios’ exclusive NFT collections will only be available for purchase using MYRIA tokens. This creates another incentive for users to hold and participate in the Myria ecosystem, as it provides exclusive access to certain digital assets.

$20,000 in $MYRIA Token Airdrop

$MYRIA token airdrop campaign

Exciting news for Myria’s loyal community members! To show appreciation for their unwavering support, Myria has just announced a $20,000 MYRIA token airdrop. This is a fantastic opportunity for supporters to get in on the ground floor of the Myria ecosystem’s growth and snag some early $MYRIA tokens. Want to be a part of it? Click here to join the airdrop now.

The giveaway will run between March 13 – 22, 2023. Complete the tasks for a chance to be among the 1,000 lucky winners!


The winners will be drawn on April 11, 2023.

$MYRIA token airdrop tasks
$MYRIA Token airdrop tasks

What is Myria?

Myria is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution designed to scale NFTs and blockchain gaming. It utilizes Zero-Knowledge Rollup technology to bundle large numbers of transfers into a single transaction, allowing for up to 9,000 transactions per second with 0 gas fees.

Myria has over 250 partners who have minted over 500,000 NFTs on the platform since its launch in August 2022! The platform is also developing infrastructure and developer tools to power the next generation of blockchain gaming and an all-in-one user platform including a Myria L2 wallet and an NFT marketplace. Additionally, Myria Studios is a player-focused gaming studio that uses Myria’s core stack to create a leading blockchain gaming hub.

The launch date of the MYRIA token is yet to be announced by the Myria team. However, rest assured that we will keep you updated with the latest developments.

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