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Horizon Blockchain Games Raised $40M Funding for Expanding Series A Web3 Platforms

Horizon Blockchain Games Raised $40M Funding for Expanding Series A Web3 Platforms

Horizon Blockchain successfully raised $40M in funding for extending the reach and capabilities of their current web3 platforms under the Series A projects. The aim for the funding is to further create a web3 environment that is fun, easy, and dynamically capable for users and builders to use.

The funding will be allocated for scaling the products, growing the current blockchain ecosystem further, and expand the team talent through hiring capable and outstanding talents across the space. The Series A funding consisted of world-renowned visionaries, investors, leading video game companies, and influential web3 organizations such as:

  • Brevan Howard Digital
  • Morgan Creek Digital
  • Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
  • Polygon
  • Ubisoft
  • Xsolla
  • Initialized Capital
  • Quantstamp
  • Everyrealm
  • Sky9 Capital
  • Round13 Capital
  • Xchange
  • Translink
  • CMT Digital
  • J17
  • Sentiment Capital
  • Perpetual Value Partners
  • Unicorn Partners

Series A funding also had the participation of key individual investors such as:

  • Shopify’s CEO Tobias Lütke
  • Shopify’s VP of Product Acceleration Satish Kanwar
  • The Sandbox’s Co-founder Sebastien Borget
  • Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity Co-founder Aleks Larsen
  • Lolli’s Co-founder Alex Adelman
  • Mighty Bear Games’ Web3 Director Michael Arnold
  • The Daily Gwei’s Founder Anthony Sassano
The Horizon Blockchain investors.
Image Source: https://medium.com/horizongames/horizon-raises-40m-to-make-web3-easy-fun-and-powerful-for-users-and-builders-6af0b6f512d9

The new funding will have its favorable effect on the success of three core projects in the Horizon blockchain. These three projects consists of Niftyswap, Skyweaver, and Sequence. Each of these projects advance the core vision of the Horizon blockchain and extends the space’s reach further.


Niftyswap is a decentralized marketplace under the Horizon blockchain. The marketplace allows users and builders to trade semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), web3 game items, and other collectibles in the metaverse in the easiest way possible.

Once Niftyswap fully releases, users and builders will be allowed to have front-end access to the decentralized and open source Niftyswap protocol. The aim of Niftyswap is to be a premiere space for trading SFTs, web3 collectibles, and many more in the future.


The Skyweaver game is continuously growing through its time in the blockchain space. Ever since the release of its alpha back in December 2018, the Skyweaver card game had been able to release 100 patch updates, 600 cards, and onboarded hundreds of thousands of players to their growing community.

The game is still growing in a steady pace as it releases fresh game updates such as additional of tradable stickers within the game’s ecosystem, Legacy Hero skins, and Conquest Weekly Treasures. These updates further strengthens the game’s active community and ensures that the game is always in a fresh and exciting state.

Through the Series A funding, Horizon will focus on further expanding the content available in the Skyweaver game and release many more game features that will surely make the game’s current community more engaged and more interacted with each other.


Horizon also promises to further grow the Sequence ecosystem through attracting more world-class builders to the community. Horizon aims for Sequence to be the space and catalyst for the coming of the next-generation video games and applications in web3.

Sequence is an all-in-one integrated web3 platform wherein developers and builders will be able to create, scale, and develop new video games, applications, and projects that will lead the space towards the next generation of web3. Sequence also features an integrated smart wallet for the Ethereum and EVM ecosystem.

Horizon also aims for Sequence to be the go-to platform of developers and builders from web2 during their transition to web3. Sequence features smart, fast, and easy way of learning and interacting with any of the existing products and projects within the ecosystem.

Currently, there are more than 40 promising projects successfully or in the process of integrating Sequence to their ecosystem. Some of these projects include web3 games such as:

  • Skyweaver
  • Sunflower Land
  • BoomLand
  • Ethernia
  • Mechachain
  • Metalcore
  • Mech
  • i3Soft
  • CyBall
  • Dark Earth

There are also NFT communities and ecosystems such as the following which have integrated Sequence to their system.

  • Cool Cats
  • DAZN Boxing
  • Myntr

Also, not to forget the community gaming platforms such as Community Gaming and web3 marketplaces such as Niftyswap, Nalnda, and OnePlanet.

Final Thoughts

As the Horizon Co-founder and CEO Peter Kieltyka said, “With Sequence, we enable builders to create the next generation of Internet experiences; with Skyweaver, we deliver a fun, strategic, and rich piece of content for gamers to enjoy; and with Niftyswap, we enable the seamless exchange of SFTs, which are poised to become some the world’s most useful and traded virtual goods.”

The future for the Horizon blockchain is certainly bright and the end is nowhere in sight as the blockchain continues to scale solutions and expand their reaches further to successfully work towards the project’s vision. The Horizon blockchain will be one of the spearheads to further strengthen and catalyze the coming of the next generation in web3.

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