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About this game

Ember Sword is an upcoming modern free-to-play MMORPG on PC and browser platforms that boasts a classless combat system, a player-driven economy, and scarce, tradable cosmetic collectibles. The MMORPG takes place in a player-driven universe, where adventure finds you. The game is developed by Bright Star Studio, a team of imaginative artists, engineers, and game designers who focus heavily on the social aspect of the game.

Ember Sword offers a unique community-led and frictionless PvP and PvE player experience, as well as true ownership of digital gaming assets using blockchain technology. The game takes place on the moon of Thanabus, which is split into four Nations, each consisting of three types of territories.

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Jaylance Lorete
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Jaylance Lorete is a content writer at P2E News. He fell in love with gaming since he was a child. When play-to-earn games became popular, he instantly got hooked with the industry.

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What is Ember Sword?

Ember Sword is a dynamic MMORPG set in the ever-changing world of the moon of Thanabus, with four Nations – Solarwood, Duskeron, Edisau, and Sevrend – and three types of territories, including Kingship, Wilderness, and Outlaw. Kingship territories are governed by the community and reserved for PvE, resource collection, NPC interactions, bosses, and quests. Wilderness territories are rich in resources and primarily PvE areas with monsters, bosses, and a variety of NPCs, where players can choose to attack others from opposing nations or continue on their mission.

Outlaw territories, located on the outskirts between two Nations, are the most dangerous, home to rare resources, high-level monsters, and lawless camps that reward players with rare collectible cosmetics. Players can encounter unique experiences every time they log in, as the world of Ember Sword evolves and offers new challenges to explore.

Ember Sword Lore

Ember Sword is an ever-changing MMORPG set on the moon of Thanabus, with four Nations and three types of territories, including Kingship, Wilderness, and Outlaw. Kingship territories are community-governed areas reserved for PvE, resource collection, NPCs, bosses, and quests, while Wilderness territories are primarily PvE areas with rich resources, monsters, and bosses.

Outlaw territories are dangerous, containing rare resources, high-level monsters, and lawless camps that reward players with rare collectible cosmetics. The dynamic world of Ember Sword ensures a unique experience every time you log in, with players having the option to attack others from opposing nations in certain territories.

Ember Sword Land System

In Ember Sword, owning land is not essential to the gameplay experience, but it’s vital to the game’s world design. The game’s landscape is ever-changing, thanks to dedicated landowners, making it an environment that adapts to players at any moment, controlled by thousands of players rather than just the developers.

Land in Ember Sword is represented by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and is available for purchase and development. There are four types of land plots: regular plots, settlement plots, town plots, and city plots, with each plot’s size roughly one screen in-game.

Land consists of four types of land plots:

  • Regular plots
  • Settlement plots
  • Town plots (a town consists of 4 plots)
  • City plots (a city consists of 16 plots)

Settlement Plots

Settlement Plots in Ember Sword are small-sized pieces of land (1×1 size) where players can place buildings, such as player housing, guild houses, and player stores. They can function as resupply stations or forward guild outposts. Each settlement comes with a Baron/Baroness title.

Town Plots

Town Plots in Ember Sword are larger than settlements and offer more specialized buildings for crafting, gear acquisition, and resource refinement. Players who own a town are given the title of Count/Countess and can build refinement stations, crafting buildings, medium guild houses, and an exchange, which provides access to a global item trading network. Towns are a valuable addition to the Ember Sword experience and provide more options for players to build their communities.

City Plots

City Plots in Ember Sword are the largest and most lucrative locations in the game. They offer numerous opportunities for players who are willing to work hard, including access to large guild houses, portals, caravan trading posts, and more. City owners are granted the title of Duke or Duchess.


When will Ember Sword release?

There is no specific date up until now. According to the Ember Sword team, the game will be released once it is fully ready.

Which platforms will Ember Sword be playable on?

Initially, Ember Sword will be launched on PC, and players can access it from both Mac and Windows directly in their browser or as a stand-alone client. However, the developers plan to work on mobile cross-play after the launch, which will allow players to access the exact same game and use the same accounts on mobile devices. Through time, the developers aim to support as many platforms as possible.

Is Ember Sword pay-to-win?

Ember Sword’s game concept is not designed to be pay-to-win, and spending money on the game is not a necessity. The purchase and use of NFTs such as cosmetics and swords are not priced by us, but rather determined by player demand and supply through buying and selling. There is no fixed pricing for NFTs.