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Boss Fighters is Heating Up as the First VR Web3 Game


Do you enjoy the thrill of virtual reality and Web3? Well, Boss Fighters is here to give both! What is this game and what are the features that make it special? Let’s dive in!

What is Boss Fighters?

Boss Fighters is an innovative VR and PC multiplayer action game. A VR player can take the role of a powerful boss monster in VR, while PC players team up to take it down all competing for victory and valuable loot. This game has physics-based VR gameplay, intense battles, and the integration of blockchain technology.

Boss Fighters is developed by Pixward Games, a game development studio founded by a team of top-class artists, designers, and battle-hardened developers to create ground-breaking innovative VR games.

Current Game Status

The team is currently in the testing phase, refining the gameplay experience by focusing on controls, combat mechanics, and other essential features. The team has released some actual in-game footage that you can watch on their YouTube channel.

Game Features

VR, PC Players, and Blockchain Enthusiasts Unite

Boss Fighters bridges the gap between VR and PC players, as well as blockchain enthusiasts, by offering unique benefits and experiences for each audience. Boss Fighters will deliver an exceptional gaming experience on the Web3 space whether you’re diving into online multiplayer or enjoying a couch gaming session with friends in party mode.

Spectator Engagement

No game is complete without an audience, and Boss Fighters knows how to captivate spectators! Through integrations with Twitch API and other streaming services, players will be able to make their gameplay more fun, attracting more viewers to the show. Spectators can earn rewards for supporting players and even interact with the battle arena, creating an engaging experience for everyone involved.

Free-to-Play and Blockchain Benefits

Boss Fighters embraces a free-to-play model, which will allow players to earn in-game items through gameplay or purchase them using in-game currency. However, for those aiming for the advantages of blockchain technology, the game offers the opportunity to compete for large prize pools and convert in-game rewards into digital assets.

Boss Fighters is powered by the Solana and Ethereum blockchains, providing seamless integration of blockchain technology into the gaming experience.

Community-Centered and Creator-Supported

Boss Fighters values community feedback and support, recognizing the importance of an engaged player base. The game will support user-generated content, enabling the community to monetize their creations such as game mods, cosmetic items, and maps through blockchain and the in-game digital assets marketplace.

NFT Lending

Boss Fighters will also introduce an innovative system for renting and lending premium pass NFTs, allowing owners to monetize their valuable assets. As the player count grows and demand for premium pass NFTs increases, the limited supply creates an opportunity for NFT owners to capitalize on their assets in a whole new way.


Boss death video

In Boss Fighters, the clash between VR and PC players unfolds in a futuristic arena where gladiators face off against a colossal boss. VR players control the boss monster, releasing devastating attacks and wreaking havoc, while PC players team up as brave gladiators armed with heavy weapons and explosives. The Fighters must work together to defeat the powerful boss and claim victory by combining team play, personal skills, and strategy.

Token Utility

Boss Fighters will have the $BFT utility token. By staking $BFT tokens, players can unlock advanced game features, enjoy passive income in soft currency, receive gear and skin airdrops, access exclusive customization options, and participate in tournaments with substantial token prize pools. Staking rewards and reduced marketplace fees further incentivize players to embrace the power of the $BFT token.

If you want to learn more about Boss Fighters, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.

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