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CDH Brings Another Tier of Rewards for its Players!

It seems that Animoca Brands, the people behind the renowned P2E title Crazy Defense Heroes (CDH), is just really bringing the goods to the table this year!

CDH will not just offer the TOWER tokens for daily logins and experience gain but multiple non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that will give different utilities for their players. It will also provide its top players with a unique NFT of their own!

Beginning from July 2022 and onwards, CDH will be giving its players an exclusive “Crazy Defense Heroes Elite Badge NFT” to the top 10% of players that gain the highest XP each month. Similar to the Perfect Attendance Badge, it could be displayed in the upcoming TOWER blockchain game as a unique in-game achievement. What a way to keep your in-game interest high, no? Obviously, this badge is also a great way to identify players at the top of their game – and there’s no other way to announce your superiority to the entire TOWER metaverse!

In addition, CDH has upped the ante by setting a minimum of 315,000 earned avatar experience points in order to gain TOWER Tokens. As expected, there will be three tiers:

  • A pool of 900,000 TOWER Tokens for players with 315,000 to 450,000 avatar experience points
  • A pool of 600,000 TOWER Tokens for players with 450,001 to 600,000 avatar experience points
  • A pool of 300,000 TOWER Tokens for players with 600,001 avatar experience points and above
  • An Elite Badge NFT for the top 10% of players during July

Players could receive these rewards on top of the massive perks that players could get from logging into the game this month. The prizes include 406 TOWER tokens, four Map NFTs, three Crazo passes, and a Perfect Attendance badge!

With all of these new updates and reward tiers, the people behind Crazy Defense Heroes seem fully committed to providing its players with a holistic P2E gaming experience, even with the current context we are all experiencing in the P2E space.

Are you excited about playing CDH right now? What do you think about the latest set of rewards?