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Gala Games Announces Echoes of Empire Beta and Playtest!


Gala Games announced their plans for the beta and community playtest of Echoes of Empire, a 4x sci-fi strategy game. Prepare to go on an epic voyage through space as this game promises to take players on a cosmic journey!

Beta Release and Land Rush Period

Several community test periods for landholders will take place before the official launch date, offering players the opportunity to contribute to improving the game by providing feedback on bugs and issues they discover. Claim holders can get early access to the game before its beta launch on October 3, 2023. The order in which they can enter during the land rush period will be based on how rare their claims are.

Community Playtest

After months of hard work and development since the alpha launch in December, Gala Games is ready to give its landholders an exclusive sneak peek of what’s to come.

What is the Community Testing Program?

The Community Testing Program is an exclusive opportunity for Gala Games’ landholders to participate in the upcoming playtest, which will begin on April 19th at 12:00 PM PT and will go through April 24th at 12:00 PM PT. This is an opportunity for players to get a firsthand experience of the team’s fresh updates and developments.

How to Participate in the Playtest?

To participate in the playtest, you must have at least one celestial claim (land NFT) in your Gala wallet for the account system to recognize that you have been allowed to download and play the build. There is no need to capture a screenshot or be whitelisted. You are qualified to participate in the testing as long as you are a landholder.

What is Echoes of Empire?

Echoes of Empire is a strategic game in which players recruit heroes and knights, build, develop, and own a fleet of starships, and control sectors of the galaxy while competing with other factions. Exploration, mining, and raiding celestial bodies for resources play a role in Echoes of Empire, and many in-game items feature blockchain-backed NFTs that can be exchanged on secondary marketplaces.

Echoes of Empire offers players the opportunity to own major sectors of the galactic system and the resources that come with them. This will allow players to have true ownership over in-game assets.

Future Plans

While the beta release marks a significant milestone for the game, it is only the beginning, with ongoing additions and support for the game plan for the future. The team promised to continue developing the game and that they have long-term plans, assuring us that this is just the beginning.

What Can Be Expected?

Players can expect more than just bugs and issues during the wait for the official launch date of Echoes of Empire. The Gala Games team has promised plenty of news, updates, and content to keep players engaged and excited for what’s to come.

Are you ready to command your fleet and conquer the galaxy? Make sure to follow them on Twitter, join their Discord community server, and learn more about the game on their website.

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