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Everseed Launches New Playtest: The Path of Radiance


Everseed, the “Farm-to-Tabletop” MMO, has released its newest playtest, The Path of Radiance. The game introduces new battle plants, enemies, radiance upgrades, and adventures for players to explore.

New Adventures Await

The Path of Radiance takes players on an exciting journey through the Little Valley, the Crimson Fields, and the Winding Waterway. To succeed in these adventures, players will need to make use of their trusty companions and both new and old battle plants. The game’s core replayable loop, which is grounded in a roguelike core loop that innovates upon various strategy genres, including tower defense, will challenge players to think strategically and make the most of their resources to beat back the blight.

After playing through the new content, players can help the developers improve Everseed by reporting any bugs they encounter using the Bug Report Form provided. Additionally, players can fill out the Survey Form to provide feedback that isn’t related to bugs. The survey will be available for the full duration of the playtest and a bit after, so players are encouraged to play the game for a while before providing feedback.

How to Access the Game

The demo version of Everseed is not free-to-play. You will need to buy a ranger or plant. However, in the full version of the game, it will be free-to-play.

To buy a ranger or plant, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to for plants and for rangers
  2. Connect your Solana Wallet
  3. Choose an item and select “Buy now
  4. Confirm the transactions in your wallet

A plant is way cheaper than a ranger. So, if you’re tight on budget but still want to try the game, buying a plant is the best option!

To start playing, follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Click “Play”. You will be asked to log in via Discord.

Everseed website UI

4. Click “Authorize


5. If you don’t have an account yet, click “Link Account”.

Link account

6. Connect your Solana wallet

Wallet connect

Click “Confirm

Confirm and cancel

A signature request will pop up. Click “Approve”.

Signature request

7. Click your wallet address and then hit “Continue

Account link

8. You will now automatically go back to this home page. Click “Play” again.


How to Play?

Everseed animation

1. Choose an Infusion

Before the game begins, you’ll need to select an Infusion, which is essentially a set of skills that you can use throughout the game. You can choose from various Infusions, so take your time and pick the one that best fits your playstyle.


You can choose all the infusions!

2. Enter Combat

Once you’ve chosen your Infusion, it’s time to start your adventure! Head into combat to begin your journey through the game’s different maps and challenges.

3. Plant, Water, and Cleanse

As you progress through the game, you’ll need to plant seeds, water your plants, and cleanse bright tiles to reveal new, fertile soil. These actions will be crucial to your success in the game, as you’ll need to use your plants to defend against waves of creeps.

4. Strategize and Succeed

Each map in Everseed involves defeating several waves of creeps, so it’s essential to strategize and plan your moves carefully. Make use of your Infusion skills and your trusty companions to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious.

About Everseed

Everseed is a free-to-play new MMO game that blends farming and tabletop elements with built-in metasystems to foster long-term relationships between players. The game’s core loop is grounded in roguelike gameplay, which innovates upon various strategy genres, including tower defense.


The developers of Everseed aim to bring mainstream players into the world of Web3 games by creating a game that can appeal to a wider audience. They believe that previous design choices have needlessly segregated crypto enthusiasts and gamers. Everseed aims to unite these two worlds by offering strong gameplay roots that support a sturdy economic trunk, allowing players of all types to enjoy the game.

Unlike many blockchain games, Everseed does not require players to spend money on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to experience the full gameplay loop. The developers hope to cultivate Everseed to provide an enjoyable gaming experience for players, whether they are interested in blockchain or not.

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