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Kiraverse Beta V1.5 is Now Live!


Kiraverse, a new Web3 Shooter, has released the latest version of its beta, Kiraverse Beta V1.5, which is now live and available for download on Elixir. The update includes several new features and patches to enhance gameplay for a smoother experience.

What’s New?

New features:

  • Meme Man avatar added (To be further discussed in the last part of the article)
  • Easter weapon skins enabled
Kiraverse Meme Man


  • Gameplay improvements for a smoother experience
  • Early-stage aim assist introduced for controllers
  • Improved game and weapon sounds
  • New movement introduced

Bug fixes:

  • Various bugs fixed for stability
  • Resolved crash issues

Game balance:

  • Modified sniper for better balance

Anti-cheating measures:

  • Implemented new measures to prevent cheating in lobbies

Recap of Previous Patches

The game has released beta updates since December 2022, with Beta V1.1, which introduced elimination and free-for-all modes, the Kiraverse L2 Marketplace, inventory selection, leaderboards, and integration with NFT collections. In Beta V1.2, Kiraverse made significant improvements to the game, including bug fixes, performance optimization, balance changes to weapons, and new characters.

In Beta V1.3, Kiraverse added token gating, reducing the number of players in a match to 15, and improved sound and gamepad bindings. Finally, in Beta V1.4, players can now use all their Buck season 1 outfit and equip carrot guns with their Buck the Bunny characters.

How to Download Kiraverse Beta V1.5?

  1. Go to
  2. Download the Elixir game launcher
  3. Open the launcher
  4. Sign up with your email
  5. Search for the Kiraverse game
  6. Download the game
  7. Install and start playing!

About the Meme Man avatar

Meme Man is a character from a popular surreal meme associated with the word “Stonks” which is an intentional misspelling of “stocks.” The meme features Meme Man standing in front of a picture representing the stock market followed by the caption “Stonks.” The image began being used as a reaction image online jokes about making poor financial decisions.

Stonks Meme

Recently, a collaboration between Superstonk and Kiraverse held a tournament where the players were gifted an in-game avatar of Meme Man.

Kiraverse x Superstonk Tournament

This playable meme is available for purchase in IMX marketplace. The supply is limited to 555. Kiraverse is also airdropping one of these avatars to the 179 people who participated in the tournament, making only 376 available for purchase.

About Kiraverse

Kiraverse is an online multiplayer game, created with Unreal Engine 5, that lets players engage in gameplay, compete with other players, and unlock or rent various in-game items, such as characters, skins, weapons, and more. This auto battler game is completely free to play and provides two distinct game modes: Elimination and Free-for-all, each with its own set of challenges and gameplay experiences.

About Superstonk

Superstonk is the largest subreddit for investors into GameStop (GME). The subreddit has expanded into investigating financial corruption in Wall Street and advertising the potentials of NFTs and blockchain-based crypto related to GME.

The updates show the team’s commitment to continuously improving the game and listening to users’ feedback, as seen in the previous beta releases. Players can look forward to more improvements as Kiraverse builds toward a full release. Make sure to join the Kiraverse Discord server and get real-time game updates.

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