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Lost Relics Announced New Massive Update


Lost Relics, a Fantasy ARPG, has released a bunch of new game updates! We made it simple, clear, and as always, direct to the point. So, keep reading to learn more!

New Features

1. WASD Controls

Lost Relics has removed the old click-to-move input method. Your character’s movement is now handled by the WASD keys. 

WASD Controls
WASD Controls
  • Right click–hold to rotate the camera
  • Left click – attack
  • E key – Interacting with objects or picking up items

Button configurations are subject to change.

2. New Key Bindings 

You may now customize key bindings according to your preferences. 

New Key Bindings 
New Key Bindings 

Gamepad currently does not have interface control capabilities, so you may need to rely on the mouse for certain interactions.

3. Alternative Movement Settings

Movement Settings

Here are the alternative options if you do not prefer the WASD control system:

  1. Run Towards Cursor– Press and hold this key to make your character automatically run towards the cursor’s position. Releasing the button stops your character’s movement instantly.
  2. Run To Cursor– This option is similar to the old click-to-move method. It’s recommended to combine it with the Stop Running to Cursor key bind. With this setting, you can separate attacking and moving actions. Click to move your character to a specific location, and while your character runs straight towards that destination (without pathfinding), you can still initiate attacks using the attack key bind.
  3. Mouse Virtual Joystick– By holding down a specific key, this option transforms your mouse into a virtual joystick. Moving the mouse in a certain direction imitates pushing the joystick in the corresponding direction.

4. Enhanced Camera Controls

You can easily rotate the camera by holding a specific key and moving the mouse. This allows you to adjust the camera to your preferred angle. Alternatively, you can set a toggle hotkey in the settings to switch between camera rotation modes effortlessly.

Camera Controls

The Lost Relics team has also improved the camera angle for better visibility.

5. Power Attack Removed

The power attack has been removed, and now there is only one attack option available that can be chained together. This attack always uses up Energy.

Previously, the power attack dealt 3 times more damage than the standard attack when it was introduced early in the game. Balancing the monsters became a challenge as they had to be designed to be defeated by both types of attacks. 

Chaining attacks has become smoother, allowing for some flexibility to delay or change directions during the chain. Certain weapons now allow you to move while attacking, which is useful for maneuvering around enemies and demonstrating impressive footwork.

6. Improved Health and Energy Mechanics

The maximum health has been adjusted to match the Energy system. As you level up, your maximum health will gradually increase. 

The team has also extensively revised and reworked the Energy requirements to align with the other implemented changes.

7. Revamped Aiming System

Aiming System
Aiming system

The significant updates to the aiming system are for Relics, Weapons, and Bombs. The previous aiming mechanism has been replaced with a new reticle and improved aiming direction. The team also introduced a small delay after activation. This feature gives you better control for moving targets.

8. New Challenges

The team has added 2 challenges for Lost Relics players to discover, with plans to add more in the future.

These challenges can be in the form of mini-quests or situations where you must overcome obstacles to succeed. Successfully completing a challenge within the given time frame will reward you. However, if you are unable to solve the puzzle or act quickly enough, you won’t receive a reward.

9. Player and Monster Stat Updates

The team has made changes to player and monster stats, including Player Health, Energy, Damage, and Monster Health and Damage. In addition, the team has updated the Champion Rewards system to align with these changes. 

Lost Relics Champion Rewards

10. Expanded Utility for Morphing

Morph activation
Morph activation

You can now activate your morph even when enemies are close by. However, there will be a casting delay when you morph. It’s important to think strategically and time your morphs carefully, as getting damaged while morphed will return you to your original form.

11. Revamped Interface

The HUD has been redesigned to improve the display and reduce clutter at the top of the screen. A new Character window has been introduced, consolidating certain slots for a more organized interface. This follows industry standards seen in games like Lost Relics, providing a familiar experience for players.


The action bar has been refined, and some options have been moved to the Character window. The top area of the screen is now mostly transparent to maximize visibility during combat. However, if desired, you can keep it constantly visible by disabling the feature in the settings.

To enhance the interface, icons that were previously at the top are now on the far right side of the screen. This change minimizes distractions and optimizes screen space, with the option to access the icons using hotkeys.


12. Character Window

Character Window

The character window now combines your character information and full inventory. You can easily access this window by pressing the Tab key.

13. Stackable Consumable Items

To meet the growing demand for consumables, the team has made adjustments to their handling. Now, certain consumables can be stacked, allowing you to carry more of these items in a single inventory slot. You can now have up to two instances of the same item stacked together.

14. Enhanced Tooltips

The team has improved the tooltips for Resources and Craftable items. The tooltips now provide more detailed information about the purpose, applications, and potential sources of Resources. Also, tooltips for Craftable items now offer valuable hints on the crafting process, including the required resources, materials, and production skills needed to create them. 

15. Simplified Marketplace Interface

Marketplace Interface
Marketplace Interface

The ‘Owned‘ tab has been integrated into the Listings view as a filter option, removing the need for a separate tab. This update allows you to conveniently access listing information for items you already own.

16. New Radial Menus

Radial Menus will conveniently appear where your mouse cursor is. By default, you can activate the Radial Menus by pressing the Ctrl and Alt keys together. Once activated, simply move your mouse over an item icon and let go of the held button (Ctrl or Alt) to perform the corresponding action.

Radial Menus
Radial Menus

Radial Menus are mainly meant for use during your adventures and might not be accessible while in town. Radial Menus smartly skip any empty slots, showing only items that you can immediately use. This means that items on cooldown or already used will not be shown, making it easy for you to activate items without rearranging your slots.

17. New Stash Layout

Stash Layout

The updated Stash Layout perfectly complements the improved Character window. This design ensures a smooth transition between your character’s inventory and the stash, making your overall inventory management experience more seamless and enjoyable.

18. New Adventure Destination Window

The new Adventure Destination Window brings an enhanced experience with redesigned adventures, monsters, and nodes. 

Destination Window
Adventure Destination Window

To begin, you’ll need to unlock each rarity by gradually completing adventures. For instance, starting at level 1, the entire map will be locked, and you must conquer Talmuth first to unlock other common adventures. 

Completing additional common adventures unlocks uncommon adventures, and completing uncommon adventures unlocks rare adventures, and so on as you progress through all the adventures. Resource nodes have also been adjusted, aligning their XP values. 

For free players, there are several adventure locations available. As you feel prepared to take on more challenging adventures, you can grind for gold within accessible levels. By collecting gold and trading items for gold on the emporium, you can purchase a power pendant from other players, unlocking all the benefits of membership features.


You can purchase a power pendant directly from the shop, located in the game’s main menu.

19. New Monsters and Mechanics

New Monsters

Now, each monster has a level that indicates its power and strength. A Level 10 Bandor will be a tough opponent compared to a Level 1 monster. 


The bounties system relies on these levels, so make sure you hunt monsters of the correct level to complete your bounties.

Monsters’ graphical details have been enhanced. Their skills, movement patterns, health, and damage have been redesigned. However, the Ogum species have been hunted to extinction due to excessive hunting. As a result, the Fragmented Ogum Claw, which used to be a prized drop, is no longer obtainable. 

The good news is, in the upcoming update, the team will introduce a new mechanic that allows you to transform this broken claw into a valuable object with unique utility.

20. Updated Bounty System

Bounty System

The team has made updates to the Bounty system as well. One important change is that bounties no longer expire. They are now always active, giving you the freedom to complete them at your own pace. Also, the need to pause bounties has been removed, providing a smooth and uninterrupted experience.


You can have a maximum of 5 active bounties at a time.

21. Updated Bounty Exchange Interface

When you’re ready to claim your well-deserved rewards with the bounty bucks you’ve earned, Berinon is still the person to visit in Lunaria.

Bounty Exchange Interface

When you enter Berinon’s shop, you’ll be greeted with a better interface.

22. Minimap and Full Map Updates

Minimap- The Minimap has been permanently positioned at the lower center of your screen for easy access to important information at all times. Fixed features like landmarks and important locations will still be shown on the Minimap to help you navigate the game world. Monsters and similar entities will no longer appear on the Minimap.


Full Map– You can now pan and zoom the Full map. Your current location and the starting point of your adventure are displayed on the map as well.

Full Map
Full Map

23. Items Renamed

The revised names are as follows:

  • Grunt Gizzard is now Gizzards.
  • Grunt Meat is now Hock.
  • Vampleather is now Ripjawleather, along with all other Vamp-related wares.
  • Ogum Heart is now Drondor Heart, along with all other Ogum-related wares.

24. Items Renamed and Effects Changed

  • Tainted Mellithian is now the Amulet of Magnetism, which now pulls nearby targets towards the wearer.
  • Arlatan is now Scarlet Shatterstorm, summoning a blast with a chance to cause decay.
  • Mists of Deception is now Stellarfire Amulet.

25. New Effects for Existing Items

The following items have been updated with new effects:

  • Kinetic Charm
  • Tinted Tempest
  • Serpentina’s Vengeance
  • Horn of the Forsaken
  • Goodman Goggles
  • The Executioner
  • Amulet of Chaos

26. Optimizations and Performance Improvements

The team implemented optimizations for improved CPU and GPU utilization. Players can now expect a significant performance boost with an average increase of 150-200%. 


Older GPUs may not support all features and be unable to benefit from the improvements.

Previously high GPU usage will now see a significant decrease, dropping from 90% to 25%. As a result, your GPU fan will rarely activate, and you’ll achieve higher frame rates. If your machine falls below the recommended specifications, it’s advisable to set a frame rate limit of 60 or 30. Opting for unlimited frames will push your hardware to its maximum capacity, potentially reaching close to 100% usage.

If your machine struggles to meet performance requirements, you can adjust the graphics quality in the settings. Lowering the settings limits the view angle and distance, affecting visual detail. So, lower the settings only if necessary for optimal performance.

27. Account Activations

Currently, free account activations are placed in a queue and the team activates them gradually. They are working on speeding up this process in future updates, but there is currently a backlog of accounts waiting for activation.

In the future, the team plans to eliminate the queue system, allowing immediate sign-up and play. However, for now, they have received requests from players willing to make purchases to bypass the queue. As a response, players can now buy Luneri from the shop to activate their accounts instantly.

About Lost Relics

Lost Relics (LR) is a captivating Fantasy ARPG (Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game) that offers a unique gameplay experience. In this world, players embark on exciting adventures across diverse locations, searching for valuable items. What sets Lost Relics apart is its innovative use of Digital Collectibles, where players can discover provably rare treasures.

With its blend of exploration, combat, and the thrill of uncovering valuable artifacts, Lost Relics delivers an engaging gaming experience, especially with the release of the new updates as discussed in this article. Lost Relics is on Enjin blockchain and the release of its build is still unknown.

If you want to learn more about Lost Relics, read this guide. You may also visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord server.


The images used in this article are from the Lost Relics team resourced from their Medium article.

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