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Plant vs Undead (PvU) is a P2E multiplayer tower defense game in which blockchain-based plants defend you and the world against a seemingly endless horde of zombies! With many unique plants and equal ease of accessibility to the game, PvU is intended to be a game that embraces both the casual and competitive gaming crowd.

Speaking of ease of accessibility, the game is intended to be mobile-optimized from the get-go; as a result, it is meant to be a game that could be played anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

PvU intends to combine everyone’s love of the “plant-versus-zombie” genre, the “tower defense genre”, and the idea of real ownership into one single aspect.

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Fully Diluted Market Cap $824,249
Circulating Supply 33,911,849
Total Supply 300,000,000
Max Supply 300,000,000

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What is Plant vs Undead?

Have you played Plant vs. Zombie before? Well, you get to enjoy it again but with new blockchain technology with Plants vs. Undead! 

Plant vs. Undead is a strategic defense game – where your plants are also real assets. Because it is on the blockchain, each plant is unique and equally accessible to everyone through growing Seeds. Players can also buy and sell these plants in the marketplace. Free-to-play gardeners are also able to play and earn.

How does it work?

The concept behind Plant vs. Undead (PVU) will be familiar to most! It offers two aspects: tower defense and farmer simulation. Gamers who’ve played Plants vs. Zombie will find themselves right at home! 

In this game, each plant is unique and can be acquired through growing Seeds. Seeds will eventually become a random type of plant – classed anywhere from common to rare. Players can buy and sell these plants in the marketplace – click here

You can buy Plants and Seeds with PVU tokens. PVU token is the game’s currency, and it works under Binance Smart Chain (BSC). PVU has a fixed lifetime total supply of 300M. Players can send PVU tokens to their friends in the game through chat, and they can also exchange NFT assets. Gain PVU rewards by participating in all game modes! 

PVU Gameplay

There will be two game modes launched in Q4 2021: Survival Mode and Arena Mode. In Survival Mode, each Undead Wave has a chance to drop PVU as a reward. Not much information is available on this; however, we’ll keep you updated with any new releases! 

In Arena Mode, players will defend their plants and attack the Undeads. The winner gains token rewards. You better play well because higher-positioned players on the leaderboard will earn more significant rewards per season. 

So what can you do with the game as of today? Currently, users can play in the Farm mode, where they can water and grow their plants. Multiplayer enthusiasts are not limited to just defending plants. You can also summon Undead or use skills to gain advantages – after all, the one who lasts longer wins the match. 

Gameplay Overview

plant vs undead in-game overview
Source: PVU Whitepaper

Each round, you will need one mother tree and eight unique plants. Remember to set your plants in the best position for a higher chance of victory. For instance, three adjacent fire plants give ignite to the plants’ attack. The same goes for other elements. Killing the Undead also provides energy. In turn, you can use this energy to upgrade or relocate the plants.

How to Start?

To start in Plant vs. Undead, you will need a verified Binance account and a MetaMask account. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in on your Metamask. Buy USDT in Binance. Convert it to BNB and send it to your Metamask.
  2. Go to Get their official PVU address by clicking the link that will redirect you to Pancake Swap.
  3. Convert your BNB to PVU token using the Pancake Swap. Remember that you will need 5 PVU to be able to enter in Plant vs. Undead. 

How much does it cost to start?

Let’s first discuss how much Peso or USD you would need to start! Let’s say that you want to have 10 PVU. As of today, PVU is equivalent to PHP933.96. 20 (18.49 USD). Multiplying 933.96 by 10 will give you PHP9,339.6 (184.87 USD). So basically, you will need to buy BNB with your PHP9,339.6. Better load up some extra for some gas fees, so we would recommend rounding up to at least PHP9,500 to be sure. 

  1. To buy Plants, go to their marketplace here and log in using your Metamask account. Plants usually cost 100-150 PVU.
  2. Go back to PVU Website and click “FARM.” Go back to the Farm, and you will see the “+” sign. Click it to add PVU and convert it to Light Energy or L.E. (5 PVU = 350 LE)
  3. Using your L.E.s, buy tools like Scarecrow, Water Can, and Flower Plant. You can buy 100x waters with 50 L.E. and 20x Scarecrow for 20 L.E.
  4. Enjoy playing!

If you cannot afford to buy Plants yet, you can buy some tools to water the plants of other landlords or neighbors. Why would you do this? Well, you earn L.E. every watering. Remember that watering and chasing crows for neighbors have turned into a daily quest. 

To learn about their future plans for the game, visit their roadmap found in their Whitepaper here. And click here to start playing. Happy gardening!