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Polkastarter Has Finally Announced the Winners of GAM3 Awards 2022!


Polkastarter announced the winners of the GAM3 Awards 2022 via live stream on December 15, 2022, at 3 PM UTC, with 16 categories honoring the best in the industry! Allow us to walk you through the event summary.

What is all about the GAM3 Awards?

The GAM3 Awards 2022 were created to recognize the growth of web3 games and the tremendous rise in game quality within the industry. The event aspires to establish a new culture and an event to look forward to and strive for each year – high-quality production and real-world gaming.

This year’s first GAM3 Awards reviewed almost 300 games, with 20 titles presented to the 38-member jury for their top 5 picks in each qualifying 13 categories. After the jury conducts the first round of voting, their votes are tabulated to determine the top five finalists in each category. The People’s Choice, Content Creator, and Games’ Choice are the three exceptions. People’s Choice and Content Creator are completely nominated and voted on by the community. The Games’ Choice encourages web3 games to acknowledge one another’s efforts and vote for the game they admire the best outside of themselves.

According to Omar Ghanem, the Head of Gaming in Polkastarter, they have gathered around 250,000 community votes for the awards. The winners would bring home over $1,000,000 in prizes!

The 16 Categories and Their Winners

The other games/individuals displayed beside the winner are the other nominees since these are the Top 5 picks in the categories.

1. Game of the Year – Big Time

GAM3 Awards 2022 Game of the Year
Image source: Polkastarter

2. Most Anticipated Game – Shrapnel

GAM3 Awards 2022 Most Anticipated Game
Image source: Polkastarter

3. Best Graphics – Star Atlas

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Graphics
Image source: Polkastarter

4. Best Action Game – Superior

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Action Game
Image source: Polkastarter

5. Best Mobile Game – Thetan Arena

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Mobile Game
Image source: Polkastarter

6. Best Adventure Game – Big time

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Adventure Game
Image source: Polkastarter

7. Best Casual Game – Blankos Block Party

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Casual Game
Image source: Polkastarter

8. Best RPG – Illuvium

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best RPG
Image source: Polkastarter

9. Best Shooter Game – MetalCore

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Shooter Game
Image source: Polkastarter

10. Best Strategy Game – Gods Unchained

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Strategy Game
Image source: Polkastarter

11. Best Card Game – Gods Unchained

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Card Game
Image source: Polkastarter

12. Best Multiplayer Game – EV.IO

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Multiplayer Game
Image source: Polkastarter

13. Best Esports Game – EV.IO

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Esports Game
Image source: Polkastarter

14. Best Content Creator – Brycent

GAM3 Awards 2022 Best Content Creator
Image source: Polkastarter

15. People’s Choice Award – League of Kingdoms

GAM3 Awards 2022 People's Choice Award
Image source: Polkastarter

16. Games’ Choice Award – The Harvest

GAM3 Awards 2022 Games' Choice Award

Congratulations to all the winners! You’re bound to find at least one of your favorite games here. The event not only highlighted famous Web3 games but also ones that have yet to be released! If you want to learn more about those games and their trailers, we recommend watching the replay of the live stream if you haven’t already!

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