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The Galaxy of Lemuria Releases a Teaser and Airdrop Announcements!


The Galaxy of Lemuria (TGOL), a free-to-play MMORPG, made its community alive with its latest announcements about a teaser and its airdrop for Founders Token holders.

So, what exactly are these announcements? Let’s find out.

Weapons Styles Overview Series

In TGOL’s announcement, the team unveiled its Weapons Styles Overview Series. This series aims to provide a glimpse into the distinct animations and combat mechanics of the game’s 11 unique weapon styles. Each style boasts bespoke animations and attack combinations, promising diverse and exciting gameplay.

And behold, the team shared the first teaser of one of the weapons: the Spear! This teaser offers a taste of the new combat mechanics that the team has been tirelessly refining.

Founders Token Reactivation

TGOL also shared an exciting announcement addressing its Founders Token holders: The long-awaited Founders Token effects are now reactivated! After a temporary pause, the next airdrop is scheduled for June 15th.

Legion Spear NFT

To compensate for the delay and express gratitude for their patience, every Founders Token holder will receive a legendary Legion Spear NFT, an in-game item.

The announcement regarding the distribution and snapshot date of the Legion Spear NFT will be made promptly once the TGOL team has finished updating their website. Alongside various other updates, they are working on revamping the NFT graphics to resemble the cards they have shown for the Spear NFT. Also, they are replacing all NFT images with stunning 3D model PNGs, resulting in a visually appealing experience. Following the completion of these updates, Founders Token holders will receive the Spear. The team foresees the completion of these updates by the coming week.

Resolving the Missing Airdrops

TGOL announced that they owed a total of 8 missing airdrops to their Founders Token holders and their team started processing the airdrop on June 8th.

The team introduced the software that allows them to “travel back in time” on the blockchain. By tracking all transactions recorded on the blockchain, the developers accurately determine the number of Founders Tokens held by users at any given time.

The Galaxy of Lemuria airdrop snapshot

This ability not only enables the distribution of missing airdrops but also provides a glimpse into the power and transparency of blockchain technology. Players can explore their past holdings by accessing snapshots on the official website, further solidifying TGOL’s commitment to building a trustworthy and open gaming environment.

How will the players receive the airdrops?

TGOL announced that all airdrops will land in the players’ loot. Loot serves as a virtual locker, providing players with a secure space to store their valuable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other in-game items.

Loot section

To unlock the exceptional rewards tied to your Founders Token, there are a few simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Visit our website at and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to the top menu and click on the ‘REWARDS’ option.
  3. Claim your eagerly awaited airdrops.

About The Galaxy of Lemuria

TGOL’s Gameplay Trailer

The Galaxy of Lemuria (TGOL) is an exciting massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by Lemuria Online SpA. Set in a vast procedurally generated galaxy, TGOL offers players a captivating gaming experience. The game incorporates a unique trading card-based system, allowing players to collect and trade virtual cards for various in-game benefits.

TGOL drew inspiration from acclaimed titles such as Ni No Kuni for its enchanting art direction, MapleStory for its game type, and Ragnarok for its compelling content. TGOL is powered by Polygon blockchain.

If you want to learn more about Polygon and explore its top 10 remarkable game titles, read here.

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