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Genso Metaverse 2nd Design Idea Competition: A Chance to Bring Your Unique Ideas to Life in the GensoKishi Online Metaworld!


Genso Metaverse, the revolutionary online metaworld, is excited to announce its 2nd Design Idea Competition. The competition, which runs from January 20 to February 9 at 14:59 UTC+0, is open to all designers and creators interested in bringing their unique ideas to life in the Genso Metaverse.

The Genso Metaverse is a virtual world where users can interact with each other and with digital assets. It is a place where imagination and creativity can thrive, and the Design Idea Competition is an opportunity for designers to showcase their talents and bring their ideas to life in this world.

Grand Prize for the 2nd Design Idea Competition

The grand prize for the competition is a surprise NFT that will be dropped for MV stakers and will come to life in the Genso Metaverse. The winning design will be adopted, and the designer’s name will be engraved on the NFT. This is an exciting opportunity for designers to have their work recognized and celebrated in the Genso Metaverse community.


To enter the 2nd design idea competition, designers must first RT and like @genso_meta on Twitter, and then follow the account. They must then submit their design proposal using the form provided here. Designers can also post their design proposal on Twitter using the tag #GensokishiNFT, but this is optional.

Genso Metaverse accepts a wide range of designs, from hand-drawn illustrations captured on camera to full-scale 3D designs. If colors and details are not specified in the rough drawing, the design team will complete it using their imagination. This allows for a wide range of submissions and allows designers to think outside the box.

Selection Process

The selection process for the competition will be based on feedback from the community, and the top 8 winners, including the grand prize winner, will be selected by the development team. This ensures that the winning designs are not only creative but also popular among the community.

The Design Idea Competition is an exciting opportunity for designers and creators to showcase their talents and bring their unique ideas to life in the Genso Metaverse. It is also an excellent way for the community to see the potential of what the Genso Metaverse can become. So, mark your calendars and start creating! The Genso Metaverse team is looking forward to seeing all the amazing designs that will be submitted.

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